In Her Own Words: The HCD 10’s Christine Hester Devens

March 18, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
Installment 1 of The HCD 10 podcast series features AECOM’s Christine Hester Devens, who talks about her first love, why facilities should make room for a “Genius Bar,” and the keys to designing timeless healthcare environments.

Point-of-Care Workstations Contribute to Improved Nursing Workflows

March 18, 2015     John Pierson, Carstens, Inc.

Almost 82 percent of a nurse’s time throughout their workday is spent away from the point of care. In a healthcare environment that is transitioning to a pay-for-performance model where patient outcomes and experiences are driving the bottom line, better delivery of care is needed.

Implementation of secure bedside or room-side cabinets to store medication and frequently used supplies for patient care is an emerging trend in modern healthcare design and is improving workflow efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing the patient experience. Click here to read more.


Using Big Data To Guide Master Facilities Plans

March 17, 2015     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor
Big data only tells so much without being thoroughly analyzed and used to guide change. Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation shared how it turned to information on its local markets to inspire its ambulatory strategy and facility plans.

FGI Asks What Forces Will Shape Healthcare, Guidelines

March 16, 2015     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor
There are a number of forces at play affecting the future of healthcare, with some more difficult to pinpoint than others. In order to better create guidelines that predict what might be ahead rather than respond to what’s already happened, FGI set out to see what some of the industry’s biggest minds think is in store.

Building Flexibility In Today’s Healthcare Market

March 16, 2015     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor
New financial realities are restricting the capital available for built environment projects, all while providers continue to require more flexibility. The strategic planning phase of a project is an ideal time to assess needs and existing spaces to see if new construction is the solution at all.

PHOTO TOUR: The Angie Fowler Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Institute

March 13, 2015     posted by Kristin D. Zeit
Take a visual walk through the renovated Angie Fowler Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer, located within Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, which opened in March 2014.

Take 5 With Jennifer Aliber

March 13, 2015     Posted by Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
The principal at Shepley Bulfinch discusses the top five trends and issues getting her attention right now.

Artwork Lifts Spirits At OU Children's Hospital

March 12, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

The hospital welcomes patients and families to its campus with a 140-foot-long sculpture piece that features 12 stainless-steel kite structures and 5,000 LEDs.


Designing For The Generational Shift

March 10, 2015     Barbara Horwitz-Bennett
Center for Addiction and Mental Health designed by Stantec and C4 Architects
Older patients have always been among the most frequent users of healthcare services. But as baby boomers continue to age, the number of seniors entering acute care facilities is skyrocketing, pushing providers and designers to create spaces that support their outcomes and satisfaction.


March 6, 2015     posted by Kristin D. Zeit
Take a visual walk through the new North Tower at Orlando Regional Medical Center in Florida, opened in January 2015.
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