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Patients Determine The Value Of Healthcare Design

February 10, 2014     Bernita Beikmann
End customers define value. In healthcare, those customers are patients and their families. So when families demanded a feature during the construction of a new children's hospital that exposed the facility to risk, designers had to work to make sure they got it right for everyone.

Practice Evolution In The New Healthcare World

January 9, 2014     Jeff Stouffer
As the new director of healthcare at HKS Inc., Jeff Stouffer shares his perspective on the future of architecture.

Improving Community Health Through Sustainable Healthcare

May 7, 2013     Roy Gunsolus
A look inside three healthcare systems that are making sustainability work, both for themselves and the community, and how design plays a role in the process.

Reform Brings Changes, Challenges

April 24, 2013     Craig Beale
The demands on healthcare facilities are always changing, but as institutions prepare for the coming years, they'll face tremendous challenges.

Lean Design: What’s It All About?

April 9, 2013     Jeffrey Stouffer
Lean design isn’t simply a new trend; it’s a new way of thinking—one that involves rethinking everything you do as an organization, in order to create better outcomes for patients, staff, and your hospital’s bottom line.

The Do's And Don'ts Of Lean Facility Planning

January 28, 2013     Rachel Saucier
Projects at Children's Medical Center Dallas and Children's of Alabama yielded plenty of lessons on what to do, and not do, when it comes to Lean facility planning.