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What Issues Keep Healthcare Providers And Designers Up At Night?

March 19, 2015     Debra Levin

When attendees at the 2014 Healthcare Design Conference were asked to choose the top issues that keep them up at night, the results revealed differences between providers’ and designers’ perspectives.

Healthcare Design Showcase Captures Moments In Time

September 12, 2014     Debra Levin
The annual Healthcare Design Showcase serves as a yearbook for the healthcare design industry, highlighting trends and hinting at future innovations.

What Defines “Appropriate” Healthcare Design?

July 21, 2014     Debra Levin
In response to a healthcare system in financial turmoil, design choices deemed appropriate for new facilities today are a whole lot different than what the design community embraced just years ago.

Evidence-based Design Origins

May 20, 2014     Debra Levin
After decades of research to shape healthcare design, a look back at where the evidence-based movement started serves as a reminder for how far the industry has come.

Helping Hospital CEOs Sleep At Night

March 5, 2014     Debra Levin
How design interventions can solve the challenges that continue to stay top-of-mind for healthcare’s c-suite.

The Next 5 Years Of Healthcare Design

December 10, 2013     Debra Levin
As The Center for Health Design readies for its new five-year strategic plan, three business opportunities for healthcare designers emerge.

Ensuring Safety By Design

October 24, 2013     Debra Levin
Development is underway on a safety risk assessment toolkit meant to enhance focus on patient and worker safety in the healthcare environment.

Global Shifts, Large And Small

September 5, 2013     Debra Levin
What China and the U.S. can learn from one another when it comes to planning our healthcare facilities.

For Healthcare Environments, Is Average Good Enough?

May 15, 2013     Debra Levin
With discrepancies noted between scores for patient safety protocols and quality of the environment, healthcare designers shouldn’t be satisfied with only a passing grade.