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Why I Design Healthcare Spaces For Kids

December 27, 2013     Lara Macklin
Becoming a healthcare designer, especially one who specializes in pediatric facility design, isn’t traditionally a first choice for architects. NBBJ’s Lara Macklin shares the inspiration that led her on her career path, and what keeps her on it.

Balancing Privacy And Community In Children’s Inpatient Units

September 25, 2013     Lara Macklin
The private patient room is a practical approach to infection control and patient privacy, but in children’s hospitals, especially, it may also yield unintended consequences.

What Child Life Specialists Can Teach Us About Designing For Kids

July 12, 2013     Lara Macklin
As integral members of the care delivery team in both ambulatory and inpatient settings, child life specialists offer a unique perspective and expertise on how our healthcare environments affect the children being treated within them.