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How Pre-Occupancy Research Can Shape Effective Design Solutions

December 30, 2014     Christine Guzzo Vickery

The recent build-out of an inpatient unit serves as an example of how collecting data at the front end of a project can help validate design decisions and inspire what’s ultimately built.

Research Tools For Healthcare Design

October 22, 2014     Christine Guzzo Vickery

After identifying a healthcare design problem, it’s time to see if there’s existing evidence that might provide a solution. If not, designers will need to conduct their own research, and there are several tools available to get the job done.

Evaluating Post-Occupancy Evaluations

July 7, 2014     Christine Guzzo Vickery
How do healthcare designers know if their carefully planned design solutions actually accomplished intended goals for improved patient care delivery? Post-occupancy evaluations are one way to answer that question.

Full Immersion: A Personal Perspective On ADA Codes

June 16, 2014     Christine Guzzo Vickery
After learning plenty of lessons from being a patient in a hospital he designed, one healthcare architect gained a whole new perspective on accessibility, too, when he left the hospital in a wheelchair.

Full Immersion: Learning The Impact Of Design Firsthand

March 25, 2014     Christine Guzzo Vickery
A healthcare designer shares the pros and cons that he noted after becoming a patient in a bed tower he designed a decade ago.

The Built-In Benefits Of Retail Conversions For Healthcare

January 17, 2014     Christine Guzzo Vickery
Thanks to their location within communities, urban infrastructure, and flexible floor plates, the nation's empty big-box stores offer plenty of reasons to rethink clinic design.

Looking Below The Surface For Cultural Values To Shape Healthcare Design

November 22, 2013     Christine Guzzo Vickery
When approaching a new project, whether on domestic or international ground, culture, tradition, and values often aren't easily discernible. Designers need to dig deep to truly understand the culture of their clients and the communities they serve.

Hospital Vestibules: Making A Good First And Last Impression

September 19, 2013     Christine Guzzo Vickery
Serving a number of purposes, vestibules are a critical yet often overlooked component of healthcare design. Here are a few tips to make a big impact on a small space.

Critical Access Hospitals: Planning Buildings For Financial Success

July 8, 2013     Christine Guzzo Vickery
Whether you're planning spaces for new or renovated critical access hospitals, it's important to consider the most efficient way to optimize productivity before beginning to design and build.

Critical Access Hospitals: Impacting Communities Through Design

May 23, 2013     Christine Guzzo Vickery
Critical access hospitals help define communities, serving as a destination that provides much more than healthcare. As such, some considerations should be made when designing these facilities.
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