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Learning to Use EBD

October 4, 2012     Eileen B. Malone, RN, MSN, MS, EDAC
The Center for Health Design will provide two pre-conference workshops at the 2012 HEALTHCARE DESIGN Conference that focus specifically on evidence-based design concepts.

EDAC: Evidence-Based Design Coaching Goes for the Gold

August 23, 2012     Barbara Dellinger, MA, EDAC, CID, IIDA, AAHID
Like the coaches at the Olympics, evidence-based design professionals will be poised at the upcoming HEALTHCARE DESIGN Conference to help attendees of the Practice EBD Clinic attain their goals.

EDAC: Take Your Design Project to New Heights

July 3, 2012     Mardelle Shepley, B.A., M.Arch, M.A., D.Arch, FAIA, ACHA, EDAC, LEED AP
The 2012 HEALTHCARE DESIGN Conference will feature the Practice EBD Clinic, a workshop where attendees meet with evidence-based design industry experts and receive one-on-one coaching to help translate EBD concepts into practice.

EDAC: Healing Enabled Through Art

June 25, 2012     Julie Kent,
It's not just patients who benefit from works of art used in healthcare facilities. Skillfully placed artwork creates a comfortable and pleasant environment that is beneficial to patients, staff, and visitors.

EDAC: Advocate Firms—Spreading EBD Internationally

April 26, 2012     Julie Kent
ArchiMed in Denmark, which employs individuals from many disciplines in the healthcare industry, serves as an EDAC Advocate firm and shares its knowledge of evidence-based design on an international level.

EDAC: Evaluating and Buying Healthcare Furniture

April 11, 2012     Julie Kent
Whether for hospitals, ambulatory clinics, or residential care facilities, those responsible for purchasing furniture may be overwhelmed by all of the available options, but there is a tool to make the process a bit easier.

EDAC: New EDAC Exam Getting Ready to Launch

March 28, 2012     Julie Kent
The EDAC exam as we've known it since 2009 is going to see some changes this year, thanks to psychometricians' analysis that a change was due. What exactly does that mean? Read on to find out.