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Design Firm Recruitment Revisited

January 24, 2013     Drew Sonier
As the healthcare landscape continues to shift, owners are increasingly looking to design partners to help them navigate the new normal. This means talented staffers are going to be needed by firms, and using the same old procurement practices might not do the trick anymore.

Firms' Staff Retention Efforts Should Focus on People, Projects

November 1, 2012     Drew Sonier
While research shows a majority of U.S. employees plan to stay at their current jobs in 2013, the 20% who plan to leave are high-performing or high-potential workers. Here are some tips on how to keep the best staffers at your healthcare design firm.

You're Right–So Get to Know People!

July 9, 2012     Drew Sonier
Oftentimes job-seekers determine that landing a great position comes down to who you know. And they're right. So it's imperative to network and get to know people.

Great Leaders are Great Vision-Casters

March 20, 2012     Drew Sonier
Sharing the strategic vision for your company should be an ongoing process, not a single event. Here are some suggestions on how to best manage that process.

Talent + Onboarding = Success

February 7, 2012     Drew Sonier
After hiring a high-impact performer to join your organization, the work is not yet done. It's time to begin the onboarding process, and here are some tips to help you along the way.

'No, I Think You Have Answered All My Questions'

December 12, 2011     Drew Sonier
Many of the questions you may have for a hiring manager are answered during a job interview. So what do you do when the table turns and it's time for you to start asking some questions?

Candidates May Know More About Your Firm Than You Do

October 11, 2011     Drew Sonier
Social media has been a game changer when it comes to companies' visibility to prospective employees. What message are you sending?

Economic Recovery and Retirement Await Many

August 15, 2011     Drew Sonier
Do you have a succession plan in place for soon-to-retire baby boomers?

Social Media is Just a Tool

July 14, 2011     Drew Sonier
Social media tools may be new, robust, and very powerful, but what remains most powerful is the underlying value of networking.

Find the Best People, and the Numbers Will Follow

June 29, 2011     By Drew Sonier
The fact remains the single greatest contributing factor to a company’s long-term success is the talent of its employees.