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The New Parkland: Lessons In Practical Design

September 25, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor
A tour of the new 2.1 million-square-foot Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas adds perspective to what defines appropriate healthcare design today, showing that creative yet sensible solutions can be identified, even for projects on the largest of scales.

Bridging The Healthcare Design Gap

September 12, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor
Most healthcare design projects begin with plenty of aspirations for improving outcomes and quality of care. Jurors for the Healthcare Design Showcase lauded these efforts after a review of this year’s submissions, but they noted that results on whether the efforts were successful were missing.

Where Operations And Design Meet

August 12, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor
Even the best operational models can achieve new levels of success if supported by the right built environment. A recent study captures lots of potential for fall prevention, but what if such initiatives were paired with proven evidence-based design solutions?

From Monstrosity To Landmark: Why Community Buy-In Matters

July 1, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
No matter how great a healthcare organization and its design team might find a new building plan to be, there’s someone else who has to have a seat at the table: the community. And as some recent projects illustrate, if residents don’t like what’s being proposed, that plan can come to a halt pretty quickly.

Healthcare Reform: What We Do Know

June 19, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
For years the healthcare design industry has waited to see what the effects of healthcare reform will be, and while providers remain hesitant to return to construction rates of old, a lot of the unknowns of the past are being replaced by emerging opportunities.

The “What’s Next” Of Healthcare Design

May 29, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
What was once innovative in healthcare design has now become the baseline. While it’s important to celebrate the widespread acceptance of elements like natural daylight and access to nature, what will it take to advance the industry beyond the new normal?

Using Design To Combat Infection Control Nightmares

April 30, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
When creating spaces to reduce healthcare-associated infection rates, there’s plenty of low-hanging fruit. But when is it time to re-evaluate trends toward homelike design in favor of safe design, and can the two be balanced?

Look Outside: Supporting Wellness Through Healthcare Campus Planning

April 11, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
There are a number of forces at play that will influence providers to think about what’s happening on the outside of their facilities just as much as what's happening inside, as healthcare organizations take a larger stake in their communities and how campus planning can play a pivotal role in keeping people well.

What Designers Need To Know About Physician Rating Sites

February 21, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
The hospitality industry was rocked by the evolution of customer review websites, and a new survey shows that awareness and use of physician rating sites has skyrocketed since just a few years ago. In this next chapter of patient satisfaction, design stands to play a major role.

ED Evolution: How To Best Serve Elderly Patients

February 3, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
A few years ago, the first geriatric emergency departments started to open their doors. Their successes are now inspiring others to follow suit, as a new report suggests it’s time for providers to consider the move—and create the built environment necessary to support it.
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