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Look Outside: Supporting Wellness Through Healthcare Campus Planning

April 11, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
There are a number of forces at play that will influence providers to think about what’s happening on the outside of their facilities just as much as what's happening inside, as healthcare organizations take a larger stake in their communities and how campus planning can play a pivotal role in keeping people well.

What Designers Need To Know About Physician Rating Sites

February 21, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
The hospitality industry was rocked by the evolution of customer review websites, and a new survey shows that awareness and use of physician rating sites has skyrocketed since just a few years ago. In this next chapter of patient satisfaction, design stands to play a major role.

ED Evolution: How To Best Serve Elderly Patients

February 3, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
A few years ago, the first geriatric emergency departments started to open their doors. Their successes are now inspiring others to follow suit, as a new report suggests it’s time for providers to consider the move—and create the built environment necessary to support it.

4 Healthcare Market Trends To Watch

January 23, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
The unknowns surrounding healthcare reform are becoming clearer in 2014. And of several trends beginning to surface, four particularly impact the healthcare design space.

Design Research Leaves Behavioral Health In The Dark

January 15, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
A new report shows that research efforts in the healthcare design space have given little attention to the role that the physical environment plays in behavioral health settings. While there are plenty of challenges to changing course, initial research does offer a few preliminary design approaches worth exploring.

The Next Chapter Of Modular Construction

January 6, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
Upticks in the use of prefabrication and modularization over the past three years didn’t quite meet expectations, but that doesn’t mean the approach is going anywhere, especially as healthcare continues to offer an ideal market for growth.

Top 10 Of Healthcare Design In 2013, And Then Some

December 19, 2013     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
The results are in and we here at Healthcare Design have tallied up our most popular blogs and articles from 2013, including what got the most traction on social media. Did your favorite make the list?

Are Patient Rooms Too Big?

December 13, 2013     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
If patient, caregiver, and family areas are scaled appropriately, square footage might not matter as much as we think.

Can Lighting Make A Difference In Patient Room Design?

November 26, 2013     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
Research shows that lighting provides a number of benefits, from improving mood to decreasing pain, calling for the need to re-evaluate the approach to lighting that’s taken in patient rooms.

IPD Project Watch: "There Are No Surprises"

November 4, 2013     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
As the integrated project delivery team building the new Lawrence + Memorial Hospital cancer center in Waterford, Conn., wrapped up construction, its members shared insight into how the delivery method helped them achieve an end result that was just what they'd planned.
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