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Passing The Gavel

November 11, 2015     Rosalyn Cama

As The Center for Health Design’s long-time board of directors chairperson steps down, she reminds us that there’s much for the organization and industry to prepare for.

Resolutions For A Healthier Built Environment

February 17, 2015     Rosalyn Cama

Mirroring commercial wellness trends, healthcare providers are entering 2015 focused on keeping people well rather than treating illness, inspiring the design of spaces that promote good health.

Retail Healthcare Throws Down The Gauntlet

April 16, 2014     Rosalyn Cama
CVS’s new tobacco-free stance raises more questions about how the retailing of healthcare might affect the strategy and design of other healthcare environments.

The Year Of The Environmental Audit

February 20, 2014     Rosalyn Cama
Four steps offer owners a plan for action to deliver a better patient experience in 2014.

Disruptive Theories For Healthcare Designers

October 4, 2013     Rosalyn Cama
Transformative breakthroughs in design will be needed for facilities to be successful in the new post-reform reality.

Ask The Right Questions Before You Design Wayfinding

July 26, 2013     Rosalyn Cama
Thinking about branding, direction, distraction, and everything in between will help designers focus on the patient experience when creating wayfinding programs.

From Good To Great

April 22, 2013     Rosalyn Cama
Curbing the spread of infection through values-based design leadership.