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PHOTO TOUR: St. Louis Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center

November 20, 2015     posted by Kristin D. Zeit

Take a visual walk through the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center, opened in June 2015.


4 Industry Factors Influencing Clinic Planning

November 19, 2015     Christine Guzzo Vickery

New programming needs in clinics are inspiring a modern approach to planning, with these four factors making the biggest bang. 


New Voice At The Design Table

November 18, 2015     Leslie Kipps

Hospitals looking to gain efficiencies through new building projects are adding continuous improvement specialists to their staffs to collaborate with design teams and deliver on that goal.


PHOTO TOUR: Clinical Sciences Pavilion at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

November 12, 2015     John Blignaut

Take a visual walk through a new research building in Cincinnati, opened in July 2015.


The Retailing Of Healthcare

November 10, 2015     Robin Donovan

Smaller, branded healthcare facilities and the explosion of retail on healthcare campuses are revolutionizing modern healthcare design—in ways you may not have considered yet.


Configuring For Collaboration

November 6, 2015     Jennifer DuBose and Ross Westlake

A research team digs into what layouts best support new integrated care team models by identifying staff needs and simulating work processes.


PHOTO TOUR: Stanford Cancer Center South Bay

November 5, 2015     posted by Kristin D. Zeit

Take a visual walk through the Stanford Health Care Cancer Center South Bay in San Jose, Calif., opened in July 2015.


Georgia’s Newest Resident: Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton

November 5, 2015     Barbara-Horwitz Bennett

Answering the needs of an underserved community that’s grown exponentially in size in recent decades, Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton is also the first new hospital to turn its lights on in the state in 20 years.


A New Movement For Healthcare: Universal Design

November 4, 2015     Gary L. Vance

As more and more boomers reach age 65, the healthcare planning and design community continues to search for clarity on how to design facilities for this significant cohort. With much still to learn about the generation’s unique requirements, universal design may serve as an ideal solution. 


The Next Wave In Cancer Center Design

October 26, 2015     Dyutima Jha

As the latest breakthrough in delivering radiation for cancer treatment, carbon-ion therapy is gaining popularity worldwide and inching toward more adoption in the U.S., calling for designs that support the highly complex—and expensive—technology


PHOTO TOUR: Rohnert Park Health Center

October 23, 2015     posted by Kristin D. Zeit

Take a visual walk through Petaluma Health Center’s Rohnert Park Health Center in Rohnert Park, Calif., opened in August 2015.


PHOTO TOUR: Texas Health Cancer Center

October 16, 2015     posted by Kristin D. Zeit

Take a visual walk through the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Cancer Center, opened in January 2015.


Answering Boomers’ Wants With Knowledge-Based Design

October 16, 2015     Gary L. Vance

The needs and desires of the boomer generation are reshaping senior living projects at a rate that’s outpacing the ability of the design community to establish proven evidence-based design solutions, calling for the industry to start relying on what we do know. 


The Evolution Of Behavioral Healthcare Environments

October 14, 2015     Peter L. Bardwell

Just as the delivery of behavioral healthcare care has transformed over the years, the spaces where treatment is provided is taking new shape to support these modern solutions, from private patient rooms to behavioral health spaces within EDs. 


New Orleans Hospitals Adapt And Overcome

October 7, 2015     Craig Guillot

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, two new hospitals are rising, with designs that respond to the inherent threats of the city’s geography.

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