Post-occupancy Evaluations


Proving ROI On Healthcare Design

April 15, 2014     Ellen Taylor
Presenting a business case to justify proposed design interventions in healthcare facilities can be challenging, but there are plenty of approaches to take to support an investment.

Operations Commissioning: Putting New Healthcare Buildings To The Test

April 8, 2014     Kathy Reno and David Grazman
In the same way that commissioning ensures building systems were installed properly and will perform as expected, clinical operations commissioning assesses building workflows created by a new space to ensure staff is ready to accept patients in it.

Full Immersion: Learning The Impact Of Design Firsthand

March 25, 2014     Christine Guzzo Vickery
A healthcare designer shares the pros and cons that he noted after becoming a patient in a bed tower he designed a decade ago.

Rethinking The Emergency Department

February 12, 2014     John F. Wheary
An innovative renovation of Lehigh Valley Hospital–Muhlenberg’s emergency department manages patient volumes and improves performance.

What Really Matters In Healthcare Facilities?

January 29, 2014     Sheila F. Cahnman
Plenty of personal preference is revealed when stakeholders weigh in on the design of new healthcare facilities. But what really matters at the end of the day, and how can architects play a role in drawing that out?

Interview with William McDonough

December 12, 2013    
Co-founder of the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, interviewed at the Healthcare Design Conference

Designing The Med-Surg Room

December 2, 2013     Upali Nanda, Anjali Joseph, and Melissa Piatkowski
An evidence-based tool to help designers identify ways to improve patient and worker safety, quality of care, and organizational health.

A Standard Approach For Clinic Design

October 18, 2013     Xiaobo Quan
The Center for Health Design is developing a post-occupancy evaluation tool that clinics across the country can use to share information and create a benchmark for design best practices.

Is Your New Healthcare Facility Ready To Open?

September 24, 2013     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
Before staff is in place and it's time to start treating patients at a new facility, KLMK Group's Gary Wilkinson says it's critical to address operational readiness to ensure the building will be used as designers intended.

UHS Stands On New Ground With First Off-Campus Outpatient Facility

September 18, 2013     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
United Health Services' new facility in Vestal, N.Y., takes the organization into new territory, offering a chance to rethink operations and design.
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