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Boomer Nation: Improving Building Entrances For Seniors

April 10, 2014     Gary Vance
Often unfamiliar with the path of travel when entering a healthcare facility, seniors are at risk for falls, requiring thoughtful design of the entry sequence.

Can I Help You With That Door?

April 3, 2014     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
A trip to an orthopedic office illustrates the importance of remembering the patients you’re designing for and how their needs should be considered with every design choice you make—starting with the front door.

Patients Determine The Value Of Healthcare Design

February 10, 2014     Bernita Beikmann
End customers define value. In healthcare, those customers are patients and their families. So when families demanded a feature during the construction of a new children's hospital that exposed the facility to risk, designers had to work to make sure they got it right for everyone.

ED Evolution: How To Best Serve Elderly Patients

February 3, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
A few years ago, the first geriatric emergency departments started to open their doors. Their successes are now inspiring others to follow suit, as a new report suggests it’s time for providers to consider the move—and create the built environment necessary to support it.

Boomer Nation: Making Healthcare Facility Parking Easy

December 3, 2013     Gary Vance
Designing for the new baby boomer patient population starts at the beginning. Designers should rethink the healthcare facility parking lot to account for elderly drivers' diminished sight, reaction times, and coordination.

Back To Life At Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

November 25, 2013     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital extends its healing mission to remediate a brownfield site on Boston's waterfront and build a resilient new hospital

High-Tech Vs. Passive: How To Choose The Right Design Solution For Your Healthcare Facility

November 25, 2013     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital illustrates how the right design choice isn't always the one based on technology. Sometimes it's as easy as opening the windows to hear the "birds and the boats."

When patients are architects

November 18, 2013     Charlene Marietti
Patients are becoming part of the design and planning conversation. And when the patient is an architect, planners are even more likely to listen.

Research Shows Design Impacts Patient Mobility

November 12, 2013     Ellen Taylor
Architects and designers have the opportunity to help healthcare providers understand how the environment can improve outcomes resulting from patient immobility.

Room For All: Trends In Bariatric Healthcare Design

July 1, 2013     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
With obesity rates on a steady rise, healthcare designers must answer clients' needs for bariatric spaces, despite a lack of standards for what exactly they should be.
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