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Take Five With Geoffrey Roehll

January 29, 2014     Posted by Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
The senior vice president with Hitchcock Design Group discusses the top five trends and issues getting his attention right now.

The HCD 10: Laura Poltronieri, Architect

January 28, 2014     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
Laura Poltronieri, founding principal of Poltronieri Tang & Associates, is named The HCD 10 Architect for her work in 2013.

The HCD 10: Meet The 2nd Annual Winners

January 27, 2014     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief
Our second annual list of 10 outstanding industry pros offers a snapshot of what can be accomplished—individually, and as an industry—in one year’s time.

Research Brief: Design Elements That Deter Patients From Using Hospital Gardens

January 17, 2014     Adapted from The HERD Journal, Summer 2013 issue
Access to nature has proven healing qualities, but proper design of outdoor healthcare spaces can make or break their usefulness. Recent research illuminates key design parameters based on data from studying three pediatric hospitals in Texas.

Design Research Leaves Behavioral Health In The Dark

January 15, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
A new report shows that research efforts in the healthcare design space have given little attention to the role that the physical environment plays in behavioral health settings. While there are plenty of challenges to changing course, initial research does offer a few preliminary design approaches worth exploring.

Top 5 Architectural Gifts To Healthcare In 2013

December 20, 2013     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief
These are the Healthcare Design editors' picks for U.S. healthcare projects that made the most impressive mark on the architectural and design landscape this year.

Top Five Healthcare Design Takeaways Of 2013

December 12, 2013     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
As the year comes to an end, Healthcare Design recaps its Take Five series for insight into some of the biggest, thought-provoking issues of the last 12 months.

The Next 5 Years Of Healthcare Design

December 10, 2013     Debra Levin
As The Center for Health Design readies for its new five-year strategic plan, three business opportunities for healthcare designers emerge.

Designing The Med-Surg Room

December 2, 2013     Upali Nanda, Anjali Joseph, and Melissa Piatkowski
An evidence-based tool to help designers identify ways to improve patient and worker safety, quality of care, and organizational health.

Can Lighting Make A Difference In Patient Room Design?

November 26, 2013     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
Research shows that lighting provides a number of benefits, from improving mood to decreasing pain, calling for the need to re-evaluate the approach to lighting that’s taken in patient rooms.

New Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center Supports Holistic Health

November 14, 2013     Sid L. Scott
A new location for the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center creates a wellness campus that provides an integrated approach to care, inside and out.

Kaiser Permanente Puts Its Template To The Test In Oregon

November 1, 2013     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
The owner adapts its template approach to fit a site that's half the size of its normal campus while adding some new design elements at the Westside Medical Center.

3 Design Tips For Healthcare Art Programs

October 29, 2013     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
From sculptures to photographs of nature, artwork plays an important role in the healthcare setting. But the pieces you use and how you integrate those in meaningful ways can be as varied as the artwork itself.

Ty Cobb Regional Displays New Look Of Rural Healthcare

October 28, 2013     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
The medical center combines a new ownership model and evidence-based design to create a modern facility that honors its baseball legend namesake.

A New Feature To Highlight The Latest Research

October 25, 2013     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief
Drawing attention to the most recent research happening in the healthcare design industry, the Healthcare Design website introduces a new recurring feature called "Research Briefs."
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