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FACE TIME: Heather Nye

December 6, 2016     Anne DiNardo, Executive Editor

NBBJ’s interior designer talks about color trends, her love of problem solving, and the importance of designing a space for different users.


PHOTO TOUR: Jordan Valley Cancer Center

December 2, 2016     posted by Kristin D. Zeit

Take a visual walk through the Jordan Valley Cancer Center in West Jordan, Utah, opened in September 2016.


Reducing Waiting In Healthcare

December 1, 2016     Joan Suchomel
As the patient experience becomes more important than ever, it’s time to remedy one of healthcare’s biggest pain points—
the waiting room. 

What’s Left Behind

November 30, 2016     Debra Levin

Healthcare designers are in a unique position to create professional legacies that are far-reaching  


PHOTO TOUR: Building for Transformative Medicine

November 18, 2016     posted by Kristin D. Zeit

Take a visual walk through the new Building for Transformative Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, completed in 2016.


HCD Expo Session: 6 Considerations For Waiting Room Design

November 15, 2016     Anne DiNardo, Executive Editor

Despite efforts to reduce—or eliminate—waiting in healthcare facilities, many patients still need a place to sit. Research shared at the Healthcare Design Expo in Houston illustrated how and where people are sitting in specific waiting rooms and some important design considerations to improve the experience.


PHOTO TOUR: The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Center

November 8, 2016     Posted by Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

Take a visual walk through the rehabilitation, imaging, and surgery center in Cincinnati, opened in September 2015.


A Few Favorite Things

November 8, 2016     Joan Suchomel

Healthcare Design blogger shares her personal top 10 list of expo hall highlights (from booth tchotchkes to surprise reunions) ahead of the upcoming Healthcare Design Expo & Conference in Houston.  


Caring For The Caregivers

November 7, 2016     Sharon Schnall

More innovative spaces dedicated to employees’ work and respite are increasingly finding their way into building programs across healthcare for a variety of reasons, requiring solutions that are effective but won’t break the bank.


Having It All: New Trends In Clinic Design

November 3, 2016     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor

The care provided in clinics is becoming more and more comprehensive, pushing designers and providers to create collaborative, flexible, and welcoming spaces that accommodate a multitude of needs.  


Designing For The Next Wave

November 2, 2016     Susan Kreimer

As metro Orlando’s population swells, Florida Hospital has debuted a new tertiary facility offering services for women of all ages, from general wellness to maternity and specialty care.


How To Weigh In On The FGI Guidelines

October 31, 2016     Bryan Langlands and Byron Burlingame

The public comment period for the latest draft of the FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction is open. Here’s a summary of changes being considered, what they mean for the industry, and how to share your opinions on them. 


Creating A Destination Campus For Wellness And Inclusion

October 26, 2016     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

The Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, and Carol Van Andel Healthy Living Center are colocating at a 117,000-square-foot Y to provide health activities and programs, a musculoskeletal clinic, and wellness center.


New Chapel Designs Offer Solace For All

October 25, 2016     Susan Kreimer

Designers are expanding the language of chapels in healthcare facilities of all kinds to create calming, nondenominational spaces for patients and visitors.


PHOTO TOUR: St. Joseph’s Health Centre CIBC Just For Kids Clinic

October 21, 2016     Posted by Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

Take a virtual walk through the outpatient pediatric clinic in Toronto, completed in April 2016.

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