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What Sports Medicine And Academic Medical Centers Have In Common

August 1, 2016     Joan Saba

Everyone benefits from high-performance design that breaks down silos, a lesson these seemingly disparate types of facility are both realizing. But there’s another group who stands to benefit, as well.


Trust Me; It’s Research

July 29, 2016     Ellen Taylor

The frenzy of today’s political discourse reminds us that facts and findings can be easily misinterpreted, misrepresented, and misused. Make sure you’re an informed user—and source—of evidence-based design knowledge. 


Think Tank Explores Innovations in Rural Healthcare Environments

July 6, 2016     Hui Cai

A recent think tank hosted by the Health & Wellness Graduate Program in the School of Architecture, Design, and Planning at the University of Kansas convened to identify important new research areas for underserved markets.


6 Evidence-Based Design Strategies For Med/Surg Rooms

May 19, 2016     Debra Levin

The Center for Health Design studied patient rooms in medical/surgical units to identify the top design considerations that should be introduced for improved patient and staff safety. Here’s a look at the top six. 


What Keeps You Up At Night?

January 21, 2016     Debra Levin

Attendees of the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference weighed in on the topics top of mind for them right now, shedding light on shifting priorities compared to the previous year.


A New View On Patient Falls

January 19, 2016     Debajyoti Pati

Designing environments to prevent patient falls is especially challenging since so many incidents aren’t actually witnessed, so one research team decided to change that. 


Clinic Design Wants: How Do Boomers And Millennials Compare?

January 14, 2016     Upali Nanda, Jim Miller, Tom Harvey, and Seluga Sekawangi

A recent poll of baby boomers and millennials digs into what the generations look for in an outpatient facility, shedding light on how the design of the built environment can best answer all expectations. 


Time for Change: Top Insights From the 2015 Healthcare Design Conference

December 17, 2015     Adam Armstrong

Imagine looking at an exam room from 20 years ago, and compare it to contemporary exam rooms.  Overwhelmingly, there is little to no difference between the two.   In the world of healthcare design, it is time for change.

Watch this video as the Steelcase Health team shares their insights from the 2015 Healthcare Design Conference in Washington D.C. .  Listen to key thought leaders detail how they shared over 10,000 hours of evidence-based behavioral field data and analysis, illustrated key applications and design concepts in a booth that were driven by these findings, and the true impact space can have on patient outcomes.


Master Class: Nicholas Watkins

December 11, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

This is the 12th installment in our interview series with past recipients of Healthcare Design’s professional awards programs, featuring a Q+A with Nicholas Watkins, director of research at BBH Design.


Master Class: Derek Parker

December 9, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

This is the ninth installment in our interview series with past recipients of Healthcare Design’s professional awards programs, featuring a Q+A with Derek Parker, the founder and chairman of PCI. Check back daily for more installments.


The Gray Area Of Healthcare Design

December 8, 2015     Nicholas Watkins and Zishan Siddiqui

From some perspectives, a recent study from Johns Hopkins threw a monkey wrench into the industry when it found no relationship between building design and patient satisfaction with care delivery. In this exclusive report, one of the study’s authors and a healthcare design researcher weigh in why that’s not quite the end of the story.


Putting The "You" In "Team"

December 1, 2015     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief

While there may be no “i” in “team,” Healthcare Design believes in celebrating individuals anyway. Here’s why.


New Voice At The Design Table

November 18, 2015     Leslie Kipps

Hospitals looking to gain efficiencies through new building projects are adding continuous improvement specialists to their staffs to collaborate with design teams and deliver on that goal.


PHOTO TOUR: Clinical Sciences Pavilion at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

November 12, 2015     John Blignaut

Take a visual walk through a new research building in Cincinnati, opened in July 2015.


Breaking Down Silos In Academic Cancer Research

November 12, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

University of Texas MD Anderson brings an interdisciplinary approach to its new Zayed Building for Personalized Cancer Care.

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