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Staff Support: Designing Optimal Healthcare Work Environments

July 21, 2014     Barbara Horwitz-Bennett
From supportive staff workspaces to on-site fitness centers to business-class lounges, hospitals are responding to employee needs—by design.

Designing Abroad: Cultural Considerations In Evidence-Based Design

July 7, 2014     Bonny Slater
In the final installment of a three-part guest blog series on international design challenges, Perkins+Will’s Bonny Slater discusses the need for more studies that can be applied and adapted on a global scale.

Evaluating Post-Occupancy Evaluations

July 7, 2014     Christine Guzzo Vickery
How do healthcare designers know if their carefully planned design solutions actually accomplished intended goals for improved patient care delivery? Post-occupancy evaluations are one way to answer that question.

2014 HCD Corporate Rankings: Top Construction Firms

July 3, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
See how healthcare construction firms stacked up against each other in 2013. Healthcare Design's latest Corporate Rankings Survey breaks down results based on gross healthcare billings, completed projects, RFPs received, and contracts signed.

Patient Bathroom Designs Balance Style And Safety

June 25, 2014     Barbara Horwitz-Bennett
Design directives inspiring today’s patient bathrooms put safety first but incorporate hospitality touches, too, leaving designers with plenty of options to consider and pursue.

PHOTO TOUR: Coviello Oral Surgery

June 13, 2014     posted by Kristin D. Zeit
Take a visual walk through Coviello Oral Surgery in Falls Church, Va., opened in July 2013.

6 Steps To Integrate Research Into Healthcare Design

June 3, 2014     Upali Nanda and Tom Harvey
Using research in the design process can help achieve desired outcomes. Here are six steps to get you started.

PHOTO TOUR: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center OR 360

May 30, 2014     Posted by Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
Take a visual walk through the simulation center and OR suite in Los Angeles, completed in August 2013.

Evidence-based Design Origins

May 20, 2014     Debra Levin
After decades of research to shape healthcare design, a look back at where the evidence-based movement started serves as a reminder for how far the industry has come.

The Importance Of Asking “What If”

May 16, 2014     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
There are a number of questions that need to be answered at the start of any project. But taking the time to consider a few out-of-box ideas may result in the next game changer in healthcare design.

Reinventing The Simulation Center OR

May 16, 2014     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center partners with the Department of Defense to explore design possibilities in trauma care by building a simulation operating room with moving walls and flexible ceiling grids.

Boomer Nation: Applying Generational Research To Design Approaches

May 8, 2014     Gary Vance
While not a lot of research exists specifically on designing for baby boomers, there’s plenty of information available on the generation in general that can be used to shape the design of healthcare spaces to support the aging population.

2014 Corporate Rankings Survey: Deadline Extended

April 25, 2014     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Managing Editor
Healthcare Design's annual survey captures data and industry trends based on architecture/engineering and construction firms' business in the previous year. To take part, submit your survey by the extended deadline of May 2.

Take Five With Sheila Bosch

April 22, 2014     Posted by Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
The director of healthcare research at Gresham, Smith and Partners and The HCD 10 Researcher of the Year discusses the top five trends and issues getting her attention right now.

Retail Healthcare Throws Down The Gauntlet

April 16, 2014     Rosalyn Cama
CVS’s new tobacco-free stance raises more questions about how the retailing of healthcare might affect the strategy and design of other healthcare environments.
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