Travel Companion For Kids

February 9, 2016     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

Juliana Children’s Hospital uses graphics, projections, and hands-on objects to create an interactive experience throughout its facility that’s designed to delight young patients.


Designing To Accommodate The Short-Stay Patient

February 5, 2016     Sheila F. Cahnman

The number of patients classified as not requiring inpatient admission is growing, meaning hospitals and their design partners must find solutions to support a short-stay environment. Blogger Sheila Cahnman shares some ideas on where to stray from a traditional observation unit approach. 


Five Ways Design Can Make Doctors' Visits Shorter

February 4, 2016     Delia Caldwell and David Martin

Not only do patients appreciate doctors’ visits that get them in and out, but shorter appointments mean providers can see more patients in a day. Design is key to success. Here are a few ideas on how to create spaces that make the average outpatient visit a whole lot faster. 


FIRST LOOK: Austin Regional Clinic

February 3, 2016     Posted by Jennifer Kovacs Silvis

See a sneak peek of the new location for Austin Regional Clinic in Cedar Park, Texas. 


Examining The Exam Room: 3 Trends To Watch

February 2, 2016     Christine Guzzo Vickery

The once standardized exam room is evolving to support a lot more than just the patient exam, with three trends influencing the design of this space the most. 


Grandview Medical Center: Back To Life

January 28, 2016     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor

A once-dead hospital construction project is revived 12 years later with a new owner and new name—Grandview Medical Center—bringing almost a million square feet of healthcare services to a prime location in Birmingham, Ala.


Alder Hey Children’s Hospital: Project Breakdown

January 26, 2016     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

Details on Alder Hey’s new facility in England—opened October 2015—including costs, design team, and suppliers.


Alder Hey's Park Place

January 26, 2016     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

The children’s hospital in Liverpool, England, integrates a trio of buildings into its scenic setting to maximize clinic space and bring patients and staff as close to nature as possible.


PHOTO TOUR: CAMC Cancer Center

January 20, 2016     posted by Kristin D. Zeit

Take a visual walk through Charleston Area Medical Center’s (CAMC) new cancer center in Charleston, W.V., opened in May 2015.


It's Time To Take Another Look at Sustainable Design

January 14, 2016     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief

“Green design” may not be the buzzword it used to be, but with solutions implemented years ago now bearing measurable results, it may be poised for a new day in the sun.


PHOTO TOUR: SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital

January 8, 2016     posted by Kristin D. Zeit

Take a visual walk through SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital – Jefferson City, completed in November 2014.


Urgent Care: Right Here, Right Now

January 7, 2016     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor

Urgent care is an old standby seeing new life thanks to the care delivery model’s ability to answer multiple industry challenges, including providing the care patients need, when and where they want it. 


Promoting Wellness On Campus

January 5, 2016     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

California State University Northridge's new Oasis Wellness Center is designed to give students a break from the hustle and bustle of campus life with a relaxing setting for university-based therapy services, peer counseling, massage therapy, nutrition and wellness counseling, and outdoor meditation.


Take 5 With Jeff Nicholas

January 4, 2016     Posted by Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

The director of healthcare at Tocci Building Companies discusses the top five trends and issues getting his attention right now.


Top Glass Manufacturing Executive Discusses Latest Trends for Architectural and Specialty Glass

December 22, 2015     Adam Armstrong

Dynamic glass installations and architectural wall placements in healthcare have lent designers greater flexibility to creatively use light, and create visually stunning environments conducive to healing.  Listen to President of McGrory Glass, Chris McGrory, as he discusses top trends in glass installations for a variety of spaces, sustainability within healthcare, and why McGrory Glass is commonly specified on projects.

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