PHOTO TOUR: Jordan Valley Cancer Center

December 2, 2016     posted by Kristin D. Zeit

Take a visual walk through the Jordan Valley Cancer Center in West Jordan, Utah, opened in September 2016.


Reducing Waiting In Healthcare

December 1, 2016     Joan Suchomel
As the patient experience becomes more important than ever, it’s time to remedy one of healthcare’s biggest pain points—
the waiting room. 

2016 Nightingale Awards Winners Honored At HCD Expo

November 30, 2016     Anne DiNardo, Executive Editor

More than 20 product awards were handed out during the annual Nightingale Awards ceremony at the 2016 Healthcare Design Expo & Conference in Houston.


All together Now

November 21, 2016     Tom Clark

Post-occupancy evaluations conducted on four different Patient-Centered Medical Home clinic designs yield insights into what works best.


HCD Expo Keynote: A Future of Healthcare Without Walls

November 18, 2016     Shandi Matambanadzo, Managing Editor

Susan Dentzer, president and CEO of Network for Excellence in Health Innovations, U.S. healthcare and health policy, delivered the closing keynote speech at this month’s HCD Expo & Conference, challenging attendees to start thinking differently about how healthcare will be provided in the future and the effect that will have on the built environment.


New Approaches To Planning Emergency Departments

November 18, 2016     Christine Guzzo Vickery

Emergency departments must be designed to handle high-stress situations and run efficiently while answering the challenges that come with a diverse patient population, ranging from safety and security to behavioral health issues. Here are some ideas to get you started. 


PHOTO TOUR: Building for Transformative Medicine

November 18, 2016     posted by Kristin D. Zeit

Take a visual walk through the new Building for Transformative Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, completed in 2016.


HCD Expo Keynote: Changemakers Find Magic In The Intersection Of Research, Design, Education

November 14, 2016     Anne DiNardo, Executive Editor

This year’s honorees—D. Kirk Hamilton and Jaynelle Stichler—have coedited the HERD Journal for more than a decade. At the Healthcare Design Expo in Houston, they discussed how their careers in architecture and nursing, respectively, eventually led to writing, research, and advocating for evidence-based design.


Searching For The Perfect Nursing Station Design

November 14, 2016     Anne DiNardo, Executive Editor

New research shared at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference shows the debate over centralized and decentralized nursing stations is far from over.


HCD Expo Tour: Houston Methodist Hospital Outpatient Center

November 13, 2016     Anne DiNardo, Executive Editor

Lessons learned after the opening of the 1.6 million-square-foot outpatient center drove design improvements on four shell floors, which were on display during one of the facility tours at this year’s Healthcare Design Expo & Conference.


Transitioning The Care Model

November 11, 2016     By Kara Freihoefer, Sarah Cypher, and Pamela Scherff

Design research can play an important role in change management, as seen in one academic medical center’s transition from a centralized to decentralized care model in its medical/surgical unit.


PHOTO TOUR: The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Center

November 8, 2016     Posted by Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

Take a visual walk through the rehabilitation, imaging, and surgery center in Cincinnati, opened in September 2015.


A Few Favorite Things

November 8, 2016     Joan Suchomel

Healthcare Design blogger shares her personal top 10 list of expo hall highlights (from booth tchotchkes to surprise reunions) ahead of the upcoming Healthcare Design Expo & Conference in Houston.  


Caring For The Caregivers

November 7, 2016     Sharon Schnall

More innovative spaces dedicated to employees’ work and respite are increasingly finding their way into building programs across healthcare for a variety of reasons, requiring solutions that are effective but won’t break the bank.


Having It All: New Trends In Clinic Design

November 3, 2016     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor

The care provided in clinics is becoming more and more comprehensive, pushing designers and providers to create collaborative, flexible, and welcoming spaces that accommodate a multitude of needs.  

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