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Hitting The Mark In Sustainable Design

November 24, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

Setting aggressive energy goals and efficiency standards is one thing; meeting them is another. Healthcare Design revisits some of the industry’s most notable green healthcare projects to find out what happened on their journey—and where they stand today.


Expanding The Conversation On Population-Based Care

November 16, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

Searching for a way to better serve vulnerable patients, speakers at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference share the idea of a population-based patient unit and how it can improve outcomes and continuums of care.


Using Service Design To Understand, Improve Patient Experience

November 16, 2015     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor

By identifying the unspoken or latent needs of patients, a healthcare organization and its built environment can be designed to best answer the human side of healthcare—even in an organization as big as the Mayo Clinic. Some lessons from the provider’s innovation center were shared during the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference. 


Emerging Outpatient Concepts You Should Know About

November 15, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

A speaker at that Healthcare Design Expo & Conference discusses the need for post-discharge clinics and adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer centers, the appropriate design strategies, and how each can help operators reduce readmission rates.


3 Lessons In Designing For Autism

November 15, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

Speakers at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference discussed some of the specific spatial design considerations for this patient population and how they addressed them in the design of The Center for Autism and the Developing Brain at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.


How To Create Brand Disciples

November 15, 2015     Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor

Providing quality products and services isn’t enough to gain market share in today’s business environment. The former director of communications strategies for Harley-Davidson Motor Co. shares the solutions the motorcycle manufacturer used to rebound from its decades-ago downturn to inspire healthcare design professionals in their own brand reimagining. 


Short-Stay Recovery: Designing A New Experience At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

November 13, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

The freestanding Josie Robertson Surgery Center going up in Manhattan is designed to get patients up and moving and on their way home with private recovery rooms and plenty of places to ambulate.


The Retailing Of Healthcare

November 10, 2015     Robin Donovan

Smaller, branded healthcare facilities and the explosion of retail on healthcare campuses are revolutionizing modern healthcare design—in ways you may not have considered yet.


Coming Together To Improve Cancer Care

October 26, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

As cancer patient volumes continue to grow, health systems are investing in new or expanded facilities to bring comprehensive care services under one roof while giving patients a better sense of privacy, more choice, and holistic services.


Using Mixed Methods To Build Akron Children's New Pavilion

October 22, 2015     By Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Executive Editor
With a culture of Lean already adopted, Akron Children’s Hospital leaders decided to mesh the approach with integrated project delivery to reap the rewards of both in the construction of the provider’s new Kay Jewelers Pavilion. 

Driving Change In Healthcare Design

October 19, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

Deborah Adler, the founder of Adler Design, will deliver the closing keynote at the 2015 Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, in November. Here, she talks about wanting to make a difference, building better patient experiences, and why she thinks the best place for designers to be right now is in healthcare.


What Can Healthcare Learn From Harley-Davidson?

October 15, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

The opening keynote speaker for the 2015 Healthcare Design Expo & Conference in November shares how the lessons he learned turning around the motor company can apply to healthcare and why industry leaders must employ new approaches and design tools to stay competitive and attract new customers.


Healthcare Master Planning: An Evolving Specialty

October 9, 2015     Gary Vance

The master planning process is evolving, taking into consideration new ownership goals for population health management and providing care within communities. Understanding these concepts and bringing them to the table during conversations with leadership will be critical for planners moving forward.


Take 5 With Patrick E. Duke

October 9, 2015     Posted by Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

The managing director at CBRE | Healthcare discusses the top five trends and issues getting his attention right now.


Designing Surgical Spaces For Now And Later

September 30, 2015     Tatiana Guimaraes

Surgical environments are a great challenge for healthcare designers, due to rapid evolution of medical procedures and technology. So what’s the key? This blog from the AIA AAH says it’s all about flexibility. 

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