Top Glass Manufacturing Executive Discusses Latest Trends for Architectural and Specialty Glass

December 22, 2015     Adam Armstrong

Dynamic glass installations and architectural wall placements in healthcare have lent designers greater flexibility to creatively use light, and create visually stunning environments conducive to healing.  Listen to President of McGrory Glass, Chris McGrory, as he discusses top trends in glass installations for a variety of spaces, sustainability within healthcare, and why McGrory Glass is commonly specified on projects.


Time for Change: Top Insights From the 2015 Healthcare Design Conference

December 17, 2015     Adam Armstrong

Imagine looking at an exam room from 20 years ago, and compare it to contemporary exam rooms.  Overwhelmingly, there is little to no difference between the two.   In the world of healthcare design, it is time for change.

Watch this video as the Steelcase Health team shares their insights from the 2015 Healthcare Design Conference in Washington D.C. .  Listen to key thought leaders detail how they shared over 10,000 hours of evidence-based behavioral field data and analysis, illustrated key applications and design concepts in a booth that were driven by these findings, and the true impact space can have on patient outcomes.


Patient-Centered Design Applications for Modern Healthcare Spaces

December 17, 2015     Adam Armstrong

In the shift to an emphasis on value-based care, patient HCAHPS scores can be influenced from intake to discharge—presenting an opportunity for architects and designers to massively influence outcomes and reimbursement through design.  

Watch this video as Mark Allen, Founding Partner and President of Futrus® Solutions With DuPont™ Corian®, defines the top trends in patient-centered design for the clinical environment.  Joining Mark is Tim Wright, Regional Sales Manager for DuPont™ Corian® Solid Surface, as he outlines how Corian® is influencing modern applications and designs within healthcare.


Healthcare Furniture Solutions Using Evidence-Based Design

April 2, 2015     Corinne Tam

Listen in as Deborah Breunig, Vice President of Healthcare at KI, addresses the ways their broad collection of solutions contribute flexibility and safety while providing unique customizations to match a designer’s vision for the built environment.


Plumbing Solutions for the Modern Healthcare Environment

March 31, 2015     Corinne Tam

Listen in as Kristin Kahle, Vice President of Whitehall Manufacturing, talks about plumbing considerations for the healthcare environment and how they can contribute to reducing HAIs, positively impact the look and feel of a space, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. 


Patient-Centered Medical Seating for the Value-Based Era

March 3, 2015     Corinne Tam

The shift from volume-based to value-based healthcare comes with certain criteria that must be met. Healthcare facilities need to choose medical seating that makes a patient feel comfortable and at home, while also providing the necessary support and durability. Listen in as Angel Ness, Corporate Sales Representative for Acute and Clinical Care at Champion Manufacturing, Inc., describes how Champion chairs meet these patient and caregiver demands, and how they set themselves apart from other manufacturers.


Point of Care Access Control Transforms the Clinical Workflow

February 13, 2015     Corinne Tam

Listen in as John Pierson, Carstens Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Rob Mossman, CEO of ISONAS, discuss the challenges facing point-of-care security in the ACA era of healthcare, and how the launch of the WALLAroo® with ISONAS access control technology has addressed them.  Discover how through a simple installation process, immediate integration into existing access control systems, and ease of use, the WALLAroo® has transformed the applications of  point-of-care access control.


Lighting for Better Patient Outcomes

January 26, 2015     Corinne Tam

Join Lauren Roberts, Healthcare Market Development Manger of Visa Lighting, as she discusses the considerations for lighting in a healthcare space, the clinical benefits of multi-function lighting systems, and the ways Visa fixtures contribute to a better patient experience.


Healthcare Furniture Solutions for an Ever-Changing Industry

January 9, 2015     Corinne Tam

In the value-based care era, long-term cost effectiveness of an environment, like all other aspects of healthcare, is continuously being evaluated through patient census.  The durability of specified products within a space now must not only stand the test of time, but contribute to an aesthetic look that feels like home for patients. Listen in as thought leaders Jeff Lewis, and Kevin Glynn of Groupe Lacasse Healthcare Solutions discuss the modular, flexible, durable, and reconfigurable furniture solutions available through Groupe Lacasse.  


Steelcase Health: Creating Spaces to Further the Healthcare Journey

January 7, 2015     Corinne Tam

Listen in as industry thought leaders from Steelcase Health discuss their experience at the 2015 Healthcare Design Conference, and the ways they are supporting the healthcare design community, influencing the future of design, and proving the power of place.


The Future of Workflow and Efficiency in Healthcare

September 23, 2014     Adam Armstrong
In this video, John Pierson, Director of Strategic Development at Carstens, predicts the next wave of innovation in healthcare will be focused on workflow to meet the rising demand for care. Listen in as Pierson explains the need for scalability, flexibility, and accessibility in environments to meet rising patient demand, and how these attributes will ultimately improve patient outcomes.

How Innovative Lighting Elements Enhance Healthcare Environments

May 22, 2014     Adam Armstrong
Click here and listen in, as Visa Lighting’s Kathleen Packard discusses how proper lighting design can affect the healing process, improve efficiency, and provide significant cost savings for healthcare providers.

An Interview with Clodagh

April 29, 2014    
World-renowned designer Clodagh talks about designing for healthcare versus hospitality projects.

Healthcare Innovators Video Series

April 18, 2014     Adam Armstrong
The Healthcare Innvoators Video Series, brought to you by Steelcase Health, is a three-part video series bringing together healthcare leaders to discuss their thoughts on the future of the industry, care practices, technologies, and how collaboration in each of these areas will ultimately drive better outcomes.

Interview with William McDonough

December 12, 2013    
Co-founder of the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, interviewed at the Healthcare Design Conference
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