This 300-bed, acute care hospital for Kuwait Oil Company has an innovative and functional design that is sensitive to regional and Islamic principles and traditions; reflects local environmental conditions; incorporates state-of-the-art technology, energy, and water conservation; and facilitates future expansion.

The design is a unique architectural response to the site in Kuwait. We have protected the buildings and parking with dense windbreaks that are prevalent in the area. The building has deeply recessed windows with sunscreens and light shelves, and defined exterior gardens, terraces, and verandas.

The footprint of the hospital is derived from the Islamic geometric form of a circle evolving into a rotated square into an eight-sided star. The first triangle is the lobby. To the west of the lobby is the clinic building. To the east of the lobby are located two nursing bed towers, surrounded by contemplative gardens on the ground floor where the administrative functions and a staff entry point are located.

Exterior fenestration is natural stone, precast concrete, metal; energy-efficient, low-E, blue-green glass was used.

A typical patient care unit is designed in a triangular shape with patient rooms along the exterior wall. All patient rooms will have an outside view, and the length of the corridor is cut in half. Our design gives privacy to inpatient care units by segregating interdepartmental and public circulation from inpatient circulation.

By keeping major circulation on the perimeter of each area, we have maximized the potential for interior flexibility and departmental growth.

Project category: Project in progress (August 2010)

Chief administrator: Not yet assigned

Firm: Langdon Wilson International, (213) 250-1186

Design team: Asad M. Khan, Principal-in-Charge, Design Principal; Vigen Nalbandian, AIA, Project Manager; Richard Armitstead, Project Architect; Gerhard Kammer, Project Designer (Langdon Wilson International); Structural/MEP Consultant, Gulf Consult

Total building area (sq. ft.): 925,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $324

Total construction cost (excluding land): $300,000,000