Pediatric art

Nancy K. Armstrong creates pediatric interiors and children's art to complement interiors. The themes behind her paintings encompass cultural and architectural subjects, making both collections a diverse learning medium for children.

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Graphics and sign holders

Designed for hanging wall-mounted or suspended signage in windows or on walls, EuroSign GraphicHolders, from Walls + Forms, Inc., offer options for mounting flexible graphics. Available in three styles, the holders feature a “Hanger Hook” tab slot on the back and a “Grip Strip” two-part coextrusion that will hold sign material safely and securely. Custom colors are available.

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Art service

Showcase Art & Framing works with clients in the healthcare industry to help them manage assignments from project inception to completion. Providing fine art from local, national, and international artists in a range of styles and media, Showcase Art & Framing offers paintings on canvas, works on paper, posters, fiber art, sculpture, ceramics, trompe l'oeil, backlit murals, and mirrors. Clients have access to the company's in-house image editing and printing division and can request branding, prints on demand, and archival printing.

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Backlit nature designs

Available from TESS USA, Inc., Virtual Skylights & Windows soften clinical environments while addressing the holistic needs of patients, families, and staff. TESS also offers two MRI backlit programs, one EL system that can be configured into any shape, and an advanced 1″ LED light box.

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Customizable signage collections

Takeform Architectural Graphics has introduced Fusion, 24 signage collections for interior spaces. Each collection is a preconfigured system that includes signage for reception areas, wayfinding, private offices and work spaces, common areas, and more. Signs are scratch-resistant, cleanable, and colorfast. Fusion is completely customizable—choose finishes from a standard palette or from a design library. The collections are fully compliant with the ADA and local fire and building codes.

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Fine art and framing

Fogle Fine Art provides quality art and framing for a variety of healthcare projects. The importance of art in the healing environment is a primary goal in Fogle's philosophy of developing interesting art programs. Recent projects include Baptist Medical Center South and Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida; Doctor's Hospital in Augusta, Georgia; a medical office building in Reston, Virginia; and Satilla Regional Hospital in Waycross, Georgia.

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Wall décor line

Paragon is a wholesale manufacturer of wall décor. The award-winning company's diverse product line features more than 2,000 SKUs, showcasing a variety of framed art, canvases, plaques, wrought iron, mirrors, and hand-painted oils.

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Modular sign system

Developed to fill a gap between fabricated and modular sign systems, Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) from Vista System International features standard and custom accessories and attachments. Easy to install and update, MCFT can be used indoors and outdoors and with many types of sign substrates and inserts. Custom lengths are available.

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Electronic kiosks

Corbin Design's three electronic kiosks use a 42″ Sony LCD screen and AMX NXP-TPi/4 NetLinx Touch Panel Interface to display floor maps and public paths. A virtual keyboard lets users search for physicians or destinations by name, in English or Spanish. The networked kiosks allow Web-based updating by administrators as staff and locations change.

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Fiberoptic skyline

Fiberoptic Lighting, Inc., offers a fiberoptic-lit skyline that visually depicts the changing seasons. This graphic mural provides a transparent view of city building structures with foliage in the foreground. During each season, the buildings and foliage change colors. A rainbow appears during springtime, the sky has more stars in the fall, and snow is seen in the winter. The skyline image can be customized to incorporate key building structures from any city, development, or era.

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Glow-in-the-dark markings and signage

For safe evacuations when power fails, Zero International's Photoluminescent Marking System includes directional markings and signage to identify egress paths on floors, stairs, handrails, and obstacles. The system uses strontium pigments, and its material is nonelectric and nontoxic. Strips and signs have aluminum backing with foam tape to adhere to uneven surfaces, or they can be mechanically fastened. Photoluminescent extruded aluminum stair nosings and door hardware are available for high-traffic areas.

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Card stock insert holder

CS&G Omega Series integrates a contemporary shape to hold a card-stock insert. The durable, flexible, and economical series offers simple changeability access, and updates can be made in-house by sliding in the paper insert. Available in several modules and sizes, the Omega Series holders can be used as directional and plaque elements in a wayfinding system. Permanent room numbers and names are available in raised and braille for ADA compliance.

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Healthcare Design 2006 May;6(3):90-95