GREENGUARD-certified countertops

The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute has designated Silestone® Quartz as GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certifi ed. The certifi cation means that Silestone Quartz emits low-to-no-emissions of toxic chemicals into the indoor environment. The countertops have built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection, which deters the growth of odorcausing bacteria, mold, and mildew. CIRCLE 45 ON READER SERVICE CARD

Therapeutic artwork

ArtOnYourWall.Com has expanded its online gallery to support the healthcare market. Clinical psychologist Sara Denning, PhD, and nature photographer Waring Abbott have combined their specialties to create calming and therapeutic artwork that is specifi cally designed for the healthcare environment. CIRCLE 46 ON READER SERVICE CARD

Healing photo art

The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals is a not-for-profi t organization whose unique mission is to place large, colorful photographs of nature from around the world in healthcare facilities. Founder and President Elaine Poggi is a celebrated photographer who turned the personal tragedy of the loss of her mother into a worldwide campaign to bring soothing images to patients, families, visitors, and caregivers. CIRCLE 47 ON READER SERVICE CARD

Solid surfacing

DuPontTM Corian® Solid Surfaces provides durable, solid surfaces that when kept clean does not support the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Because Corian is nonporous and seamless, it's easy to clean and sanitize. CIRCLE 48 ON READER SERVICE CARD

Interior aerial sculpture

Mel Ristau creates kinetic aerial sculptures that animate large interior spaces with color and whimsy. His mobiles' coloring coordinates with the surrounding environment, transforming interior space. CIRCLE 50 ON READER SERVICE CARD

Backlit nature art

TESS USA, Inc., provides evidenced-based design in the form of backlit Views to NatureTM for the entire hospital setting. Two patented, nonferrous, one-inch–profi le MRI backlit systems are available. The MRI-EL system can be confi gured into any geometric shape. TESS and Armstrong Ceiling Systems have collaborated to provide easily installed circular frames and grids. CIRCLE 49 ON READER SERVICE CARD

Solid surfacing

Meganite manufactures and distributes a complete line of solid surface sheets, sinks, vanity tops, tables, and adhesive, available in ½″- and new ¼″-thick sheets. These products are available in a variety of design groups and popular colors. CIRCLE 51 ON READER SERVICE CARD