Is it safe to say it’s okay to be daring? The list of adjectives is endless as well as the choice of fabric and vinyl selections. Fortunately, in today’s market basket of materials, textiles, flooring, wall-coverings, and finishes, the sky is the limit. Take for instance patient room furniture. Cabinets, patient seating, sleepover chairs, and sofas are offered in many wood finishes to match any décor. And fabric or vinyl selections for seating are available in thousands of patterns and colors.

A bold or serene design and décor is equal in its popularity. What is important is that the overall scheme represents the hospital’s mission for wellness. This is the reason that many hospitals are updating their image.

Many healthcare furniture manufacturers have a variety of design tools to help the designer make his/her choices. Real wood samples are available, as well as e-upholstery features on their Web sites. E-upholstery allows the designer to electronically select a wood finish and fabric/vinyl pattern and color option to be shown on a digital image online and then play with changing the wood finish and fabric selection right before his/her eyes. This tool makes it very easy for the designer to be daring and safe at the same time.

Check out some of the healthcare furniture manufacturers who offer these design tools and let us know what types of projects are your favorite. Have you had the opportunity to be daring? What type of design and décor do you think a patient room should be?