When interior designers are faced with the challenge of selecting appropriate fabric for healthcare furniture we know that high performance fabric is a must. Yet as designers we look to specify not only the fabric that performs the best in a healthcare setting but also one that is aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately that still leaves thousands of options, so how can we decide what to choose? To gain a bit of inspiration I turned to several healthcare furniture manufacturers and found that they were able to provide all of these options in an informative and organized fashion.

I hope you find the following information on performance fabric helpful for your next project. If you have any questions regarding my research, please do not hesitate to blog with me. I welcome your feedback.

Fabric categories to consider
Cryptions Non-PVC Vinyls Solution Dyed Fiber
Vinyls Composite Vinyls Durable Antimicrobial Fabric
Upholstery Fabrics Recycled Content Fabrics

If you are anything like me you might like to collect inspiring colorways. I keep groupings of fabric available at my office so I can refer to the texture and color that could be representational of a summer day, a fall outing, or a winter day. I allow myself some time each week to review these palettes so I can share the best ones with my clients. This also helps during the design process because it keeps creative thoughts moving along by having a real sample on hand. Always ask for memo samples from your local reps. Manufacturer’s today may prefer you order larger samples, but don’t be shy.

I welcome feedback, and fabric conversations are always good because there is always so much to discuss. Whether you are a designer or an architect please share your experience regarding a fabric you love to use. Maybe you have a story to share about a fabric we need to stay clear of? I would love to learn from you.