Currently, 46 million Americans are without health insurance, while another 25 million have only partial coverage. President Obama's administration seeks to change that. With a vision of affordable healthcare for all, an industry that is already booming could experience even more growth.

What to expect if healthcare reform legislation is passed by the end of this year? A few scenarios may include seeing healthcare organizations dealing with significant increases in their volumes due to the dramatic increase of patients to be covered—meaning significant volume increases in the near future.

It may be reasonable to expect that the greater numbers of insured will alleviate the drain that is placed on the ERs. While ERs might experience a decrease, primary care givers may start to see a greater influx of patients.

These changes may generate the need to remodel and/or expand primary care offices to accommodate the increase in volume. Investment in preventative care would primarily impact outpatient facilities, integrated medicine, and wellness programs most significantly.

Eventually, these reforms may create a conscious preference for branded healing environment experiences. It may lead to consumer awareness that well-designed and highly maintained environments are not an option and are integral to building patient loyalty.