Evolution is modular, design-focused, and very efficient. It can be used in private rooms, public spaces, conferencing areas, nurses' stations, family areas, waiting areas, and the list is extensive.
Products like this one are very helpful for keeping the patient room looking organized and clean. It creates a place for cards and personal messages from loved ones to be seen and at the same time creates an aesthetic which is beautiful to look at.

Where do you see the possibilities for such an innovative product? Do you have a small space to be designed in a patient room or in a lobby to hold resource material? I hope you see the design possibilities the way I do. I have introduced this product to many of my end users and so far the response has been fantastic. Recently, one of the facilities I work with decided to customize their wall system. They decided to show the hospital logo and selected a beautiful landscape image for one of the tiles. Additionally, they incorporated a message board and a clock. The result is outstanding!

This is a great way to bring personalized design into each project. Do you have a design challenge where this product may be of assistance? What are your challenges? Please share your needs with
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