Design concepts can do wonders for a project. A strong concept allows for complex teams within multiple offices to have a shared vision and goal for a project. When the architect, interior designer, and medical planner do not reside in the same office, the design concept is a guiding principle for solutions and vehicle for communication. As the project progresses through the design process, the concept provides the inspiration for detailing. A concept should never be applied with finishes in a space. The space needs to convey the concept and tell a story which becomes a memorable experience for the users of the space.

The concept also provides a metaphor to communicate solutions in relatable terms to the client. If the concept is driven by the hospital brand or community identity, the concept becomes a story that the client can tell others during the design process and after the completion of the project.

With massive footprints and complexity of space, hospitals can infuse the concept in the architecture and interior design of the space to help unify the campus. The concept can inform the building, shape the space, inspire the finishes, and provide delight to the end users.