Below: existing nurses' station and renovation

Art Associates, inc.
Project Category Project in Progress (August 2003)

FIRM OneSphere, (877) 850-0001

DESIGN TEAM Paul G. Sieben, Principal-in-Charge; Donald W. Myers, Project Architect; Matthew J. Pastula, Project Designer (OneSphere); William C. Miller, PE, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical (MDA, Inc.)

ILLUSTRATIONS Gregory R. Kissner; Art Associates, Inc.





Above: existing main entry and renovation
The Cold War is over and Russia needs help. The future of the nation, to a certain degree, depends on the physical, psychological and moral health of its children. Public health facilities are deplorable. Russian babies suffer from a lack of vaccinations, nutrition and basic medicines. Many pregnant Russian women smoke and drink heavily. On average, a Russian woman has seven abortions. Today in Russia, only one baby in five is born healthy.

The mission of the Future of Russia Foundation and the Balashikha Project is to help change these conditions. The Balashikha Maternity Clinic is a pilot project. Located just east of the Moscow city line in Balashikha, a city of 163,000, is a maternity clinic built during the Soviet era. Typical of what is available to Russian women and babies, it is decrepit and lacks basic programming, space, equipment and technology.

With extensive help from dedicated and talented Russians and Americans, we have developed a plan that will transform the Balashikha Clinic into the first state-of-the-art public maternity clinic in Russia.

The Balashikha Project's goals are to provide modern healthcare and medical equipment for prenatal, natal and neonatal care; serve as a model for future maternity clinics in Russia; promote legislation to raise the standards of public health for newborn children; reduce the number of abortions for Russian women; and create a culture of cooperation between U.S. and Russian healthcare professionals, to help resolve Russia's health and population crises
Art Associates, inc.

Above: existing delivery room and renovation


Phase 1 of the project involves designing and rehabilitating a prenatal and neonatal clinic, and designing birthing facilities. Phase 2 involves constructing and equipping modern birthing suites (summer 2002). Phase 3 will involve assisting the Russian government in refurbishing the entire Balashikha Hospital. Dedication and opening are planned for summer 2003.