Continuing with the topic of customer service, this post will address the community around a project.

The Lynn Cancer Institute was constructed around three surrounding communities that lie within 50 feet of the building’s foot print. The project team recognized the impact that construction would have on the residents’ quality of life and, also potentially, the Boca Raton Community Hospital. They developed a Good Neighbor Plan to ensure construction had a positive impact on the community, which included the following components: 

  • A Survey Plan was developed to alleviate the concerns of the neighbors and to document the condition of the buildings before construction began. At the project’s completion, a second survey was conducted to document the condition of the buildings after construction was complete. The surveys included videos of both the exterior and interior of the buildings and written reports. The pre- and postconstruction surveys were overseen by an independent engineer and included surveys of both the interior and exterior of the 350 residences within a 350-foot radius of the project limits.
  • A Seismic and Noise Monitoring Plan was developed to monitor earth movement and noise due to the proximity of the three surrounding communities to the ongoing construction. This plan was not only developed to alleviate the concerns of the neighbors, but also to mitigate the perception that the construction operations caused damage to the residences. During any earthwork, a third party engineer was on-site with a seismograph to monitor earth movement and generate a report documenting the results. A noise meter was used to record the noise generated from construction to ensure the ordinance was not compromised. The use of tension control fasteners in lieu of typical heavy hex bolts were implemented to allow the use of quiet, lightweight electric tools in lieu of the pneumatic impact wrenches, which also had an added safety benefit due to reduced operator fatigue. The project team was commended for maintaining the quietest steel erection operation seen to date.

In the next post we will look at the relationship with our healthcare customers.