The new full-service Bronson Methodist Hospital, Replacement Campus, is a paradigm of innovative healthcare design. The complex reflects new operational initiatives, is adaptable for future changes and creates a healing environment for the patient, family and community by integrating healthcare services, art and the natural environment.

Adopting the consumer-driven model of “one-stop shopping,” the two linked buildings create a horizontal continuity for various medical specialties, so that each floor is self-sufficient with its own parking, beds and physicians' offices directly adjacent to treatment space. For example, surgery is located on the second level, along with in- and outpatient facilities, beds and associated physicians' offices. A new 750-car garage connects on each level to complete the continuity of each department


PROJECT CATEGORY New Construction (completed January 2001)

CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR Frank Sardone, President and CEO, (616) 341-6000

FIRM Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott, (617) 423-1700

DESIGN TEAM Garrold E. Baker, Principal-in-Charge; Elizabeth S. Ericson, Principal for Design; Jonathan Gyory, Project Designer; Nigel H. Gallaher, Project Manager (Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott); Warren Schemmer, Project Manager (Diekema/Hamann Architects, Inc.)

PHOTOGRAPHY © Peter Mauss/Esto Photographics, Inc.




TOTAL COST (EXCLUDING LAND) $34,000,000 (construction)

The “heart” of the complex is a Healing Garden, representing the institution's symbolic mission of connecting community, family and patient with the healing powers of art and nature. Surrounding the garden and linked by “corridors of light”—skylit spaces that mark the primary circulation routes—are a gift shop, pharmacy, food court and multimedia “Health Answers” library. These amenities create a lively and accessible facility.

Additionally, the large complex is broken down into smaller masses, with individual canopied entries, to harmonize well with the nearby residential neighborhood. As a cornerstone for downtown Kalamazoo, the new campus has become a catalyst for further community redevelopment that is spurring the city to regenerate its downtown core with housing and retail activity