It is a thing of the past when companies could attract top talent by simply having an interesting advertisement and an informative "profile" section on their website. Top talent now has all the tools at their disposal to make a 360 assessment of your firm before they even decide to talk to you.

The big game changer is social media, which is being used by candidates in ever increasing numbers to access potential employers. Passive candidates value their time and want to know in advance if your company is the perfect fit, and they are looking at your social media presence to find the answers. They want to know about your culture, what others are saying about you, and what your brand will say about them should they come to work for you. Here are a few tips to make sure your firm is doing what is necessary to help attract talent:

Highlight people and firm successes. Take time to provide updates about both your firm and employee successes—not only does it motivate your employees, it shows that your firm recognizes success is all about people

Interact. Valuable content will be useless if nobody is taking the time to read it. Create a compelling path for conversation by posing questions with your posts. This tells potential employees that your firm is engaged, and has learning and evolving culture

Converse. Social media is not a job feed, it's a conversation. Instead of posting a job description to LinkedIn, write a status update as if you were reaching out to a network of friends. Nobody wants to subscribe to something that is going to spam their social feeds. Make an effort to personally connect with candidates and create relationships so that when they are approached about an opportunity, they are more apt to listen.