Project category: Addition (completed May 2004)

Chief administrator: Clyde Lang, Vice-President of Finance & Administration, (502) 222-7157

Firms: Rowland Design, Inc., (502) 585-1232; Tucker & Booker Architects, (502) 426-7452

Design team: Julie Smith, Project Manager, Lead Designer; Jennifer Hardin, Designer (Rowland Design, Inc.); Pat Nall, Project Manager, Lead Architect; Rick Wedge, Architect (Tucker & Booker Architects)

Photography: David Harpe Photography

Total building area (sq. ft.): 20,986

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $126

Total construction cost (excluding land): $2,650,000

Cedar Lake Lodge is an ICF/MR, an intermediate care facility serving individuals with mental retardation. This assisted living facility was designed to meet the needs of existing residents who require regular medical attention while providing accessibility for mobile residents, and to create a sense of community.

The Connector was designed as a pathway between buildings. In the center of the Connector is the Foyer and access to the outside. The Foyer was designed as a garden courtyard.

The Atrium—a large, open, naturally lit space—is the heart of this community. The Library has a stately entrance. The Family Room is open to the main circulation, set off with some classic columns to allow for social functions for all the residents. The Nurses' Office has an operable window and a dormer roof overhead.

Each Suite entrance is designed differently to resemble the fa¸ade of a home. Clerestory windows and high ceilings are also provided in each Suite. The Suites have an open plan with various seating groups, an Activity/Dining area, a nurses' area, a tub/shower room, a laundry room, and outdoor patios with fabulous views. The Semiprivate Rooms were uniquely designed to create a sense of privacy for residents. The tub/shower rooms were designed as safe zones for tornado season.

Because of the success of this project, both aesthetically and functionally, Cedar Lake Lodge plans to renovate the other resident buildings with similar goals in mind.