Colorful tile

TOLI's Linotesta and Viale tiles, seen here at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, Nashville, as designed by Earl Swenson Associates, feature rich colors and ease of maintenance. Both Linotesta and Viale resist staining, cracking, and chipping and reduce maintenance costs when compared to a standard VCT.

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Modular children's furniture

Based on Arcadia's popular Serafina Modular collection, the Serafinita Modular is a scaled-down version designed specifically for children's seating applications. Suitable for waiting, playing, or both, the Serafinita lounge and love seat models can be joined with three sizes of connecting tables to create a variety of configurations.

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Entertainment systems

Kidzpace helps to occupy and entertain children of all ages in healthcare facilities with a variety of cabinets, carts, and kiosks complete with video game systems and touch-screen games. There are a variety of models for use in lobby spaces, waiting areas, playrooms, and patient rooms. Many colorful and fun nonelectronic activities are also available.

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Children's furniture line

Spec Furniture has introduced SnowFlake children's furniture as part of the company's Snowball family of stacking chairs. Available in three designs, the SnowFlake chair stacks four high and has a snowflake cut-out in the wooden back design. SnowFlake tables are also available and are stackable.

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Interior aerial sculptures

Mel Ristau's aerial sculptures animate large interior spaces with color and whimsy, creating smiles and therapeutic destinations for children, as well as adults.

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