Project Category - New Construction (completed March 2001)

Facility Contact - Dr. Harry K. Moon, President and Chairman, (954) 659-6005

Firm - Marshall Erdman & Associates, Inc., (608) 238-0211

Design Team - Steve Davis, Principal; Dave Anderson, Project Director; John Meyer, Designer; Bill Wendland, Designer; Margo Komplin, Interior Designer

Patient/Bed Capacity - 70 beds, expandable to 110 beds

Total Building Area (sq. ft.) - 365,900

Total Land Area (acres) - 27

Total Cost (excluding land) - $60,800,000

“We are the best in the world at healing people. We want facilities that reflect our commitment to unequaled patient care,” said Frank Lordeman, Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. This was the design challenge established at the start of the design process for the Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Naples, Florida.

Goals for the Naples Hospital were to:

  • Design with patients' and visitors' needs in mind.

  • Maximize efficiency.

  • Optimize patient flow so patients could intuitively find their way throughout the facility.

  • Develop a distinctive design that would eclipse current standards and establish a new, higher standard for Cleveland Clinic.

  • Provide flexibility to change and to adapt to the future.

  • Design, build and have the facility operational as quickly as possible.

The Clinic and Marshall Erdman & Associates' design team arrived at a new concept in care philosophy, appropriately titled, Healing Hospitality®. It recognizes that patients come to healthcare facilities for healing, not just to get a diagnosis, treatment or surgery.

Healing Hospitality had a profound impact on the planning and design of the hospital. This is most visible in the patient rooms. In most hospitals, patients feel uncomfortable (if not intimidated) by the atmosphere of a standard patient room. At the Cleveland Clinic Florida Hospital, familiar furnishings are used to make the room feel more like a home, such as shaded lamps, paintings, draperies-even a comforter that can be easily removed.

Most patients have visitors who spend considerable time at the hospital-visitors whose support is vital to a patient's full and speedy recovery. But few institutions seem to have given much thought to the visitor's comfort. In response to this, each room has a seating area with room for a small couch or a couple of comfortable, upholstered chairs. In addition, there is a desk and chair where one can spread out papers or plug in a computer.

Hospital bathrooms are typically institutional looking and lack patient-friendly access. At the Naples Hospital, the patient bathroom is hotel-like, and the shower is easily accessible by wheelchair.

The entire experience, from the time patients arrive in the facility until they are discharged, is designed to support healing. This recently opened hospital has set a new standard of patient service for Cleveland Clinic. Not only are patients made to feel better, they feel cared for.