The first phase of construction began in the last half of 2002 on the unique expansion of the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP). The expansion project includes the following major components: 120 med/surg beds; 20 ICU/CCU beds; a new surgery and cardiac surgery department, including prep and recovery; a new cardiac cath department; a new emergency department; a renovated and expanded radiology department; and support services, mechanical plant, structured parking for 500 cars, and structural improvements to the existing building to meet contemporary earthquake requirements. The hospital will feature 100% single-bed, multi-acuity patient rooms developed around a series of healing gardens.

The original facility, which sits in a grove of mature Monterey pines overlooking the Pacific Ocean, was designed by Edward Durell Stone. Several additions over the years have maintained the original scale and character of Stone's design. Low, striking rooflines, sweeping views of the forest and ocean, and numerous naturally lit public spaces all lend themselves to the calm, healing environment at CHOMP.

The design team is facing the challenges of incorporating the new facilities into an environmentally protected area and maintaining the character and integrity of the original design. HOK is presently working with the landscape architect and CHOMP to site the new wings so as to minimize intrusion into the forest and maintain existing viewshed corridors, while creating adjacencies that are critical to hospital functionality. In addition, the design team is adhering to CHOMP's expressed desire to maintain the look of Stone's original design so that the new construction falls within the contextual character of the existing building.

Project category: Project in progress/Unbuilt (November 2008)

Chief administrator: Steven Packer, MD, President & CEO, (831) 624-5311

Firm: HOK (Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum), (212) 741-1200

Design team: Chuck Siconolfi, Director of Health Care Planning and Design; William Roger, Senior Vice-President; Ernest Cirangle, Senior Vice-President; Lisa Alzona, Associate, Medical Planner; Paul Morgan, Senior Project Architect

Illustration: Doug Jamieson

Total building area (GSF): 195,642 (new); 338,307 (renovation)

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $280

Total cost (excluding land): $150,000,000