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Christopher lark, inc.

Christopher lark, inc.
Today's health systems are faced with the challenge of improving healthcare while simultaneously coping with rising costs and economic challenges. These conditions have led to the development of a business model and partnership to not only improve relationships with physicians, but to explore a new approach to hospitality that focuses on the needs of patients, families, and hospital staff.

The Farbman Group embarked on such a partnership with Oakwood Health System and their physician participants, and a surgical provider, Visionary Enterprises Incorporated (VEI). Together, they developed a medical model for the Dearborn Medical Park Ambulatory Care Center.

The surgery center provides hospitality-style environments for patients and guests. Patient areas are separated from surgical/procedure spaces. From the front door to the recovery room, patient spaces provide comfortable environments through furniture and finishes like those found in a hotel. This maximizes comfort and decreases anxiety for the patients, with minimal overall cost to the project.

Christopher lark, inc.
Project category: New construction (completed April 2005)

Chief administrator: Peggy Davidson, Vice-President, Surgery Center Development and Operations, (317) 621-7437

Firm: Hobbs+Black Associates, Inc., (734) 663-4189

Design team: John S. Barker, Principal, Project Programmer; James Henrichs, Project Director; Don Haughton, Project Architect; Charles Huber, Project Planner; James Sharba, Project Designer (Hobbs+Black Associates, Inc.); James Paul, MEP Consultant (Peter Basso Associates, Inc.)

Photography: Christopher Lark, Inc.; Hobbs+Black Associates, Inc.

Total building area (sq. ft.): 108,890

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $148

Total construction cost (excluding land): $16,115,720

Recent studies have indicated that staff environments are just as important. At Dearborn Medical Park, back-of-the-house surgical support and staff areas are treated with the same importance as the patient-focused areas. The staff lounge is much like a restaurant, and the staff locker rooms feel more like those at a country club.

The Dearborn Medical Park Ambulatory Care Center has been so well received that the concepts embodied in it are being carried forward into designs for Diagnostic Imaging, Breast Imaging, Oncology, and Fitness/Wellness.