Do you plan to become EDAC certified?

26.1% - Yes

8.7% - No

65.2% - What is EDAC?


- I would like to know a little more

For those of you who were interested in knowing more about EDAC certification,

click here. Per The Center for Health Design's description of the certification:

EDAC educates and assesses individuals on their understanding of how to base design decisions on available, credible evidence. The 2006 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities includes a new section that defines the environment of care components. EDAC accredited professionals will demonstrate a clear understanding of these components and use an evidence-based design process to meet and/or exceed the recommended minimum requirements.

The program's goal is to test on the proper process to identify, hypothesize, implement, gather, and report the data associated with their project. Once an individual is EDAC accredited, he or she will have an ethical obligation to employ an evidence-based design process in his or her work.