Multiple technology solutions

Mul-T-Lock's integrated systems are designed to meet healthcare facilities' unique challenges. Sensitive records, pharmaceuticals, and supplies along with ever-changing employee schedules and responsibilities require a strong yet flexible system. Mul-T-Lock's synergetic solutions offer the convenience of a single system that can employ CLIQ wire-free, electromechanical locking on doors requiring instant key authorization changes, scheduling, audit trail, and Interactive® UL437-listed, high-security mechanical locking elsewhere.

Card access solutions

E-PLEX® card access solutions quickly enroll cards with lock or use optional software, have PIN, PROX, or dual credential, and easily transitions to a software-managed system. E-PLEX is available as a complete system, or has the ability to add doors to an existing system. It is a card access solution for virtually any application with optional enterprise software which includes schedules, access groups, audit trail, and other related features.

Self-closing ICU door system

Horton Automatics' Profiler® self-closing ICU door system with no power needed is now available with a smoke-rated seal. This system can be specified in a single slide track or trackless configuration for openings ranging from 7 to 9 feet and exceeds NFPA 105 air leakage requirements. The door can be left open and comes with full breakout capability. New options with this smoke-rated system include an electro-magnet, hold-open device that ties to the fire alarm system in a healthcare facility and will automatically close the door when an alarm is activated. Another feature of this product is the magnet-to-latch option in place of the positive latch. The magnet-to-latch meets the full requirements of NFPA 101.

Healthcare Design 2009 November;9(11):112