As electronic health records become the norm in most hospitals, do you have to significantly change the design of patient rooms and nurses stations?

45.83% - Yes

25.00% - No

29.17% - There are changes that need to be addressed, but not significant ones


- Mobile computers allow flexibility and less fixed work surface space. Extensive and easy ergonomic adjustability is essential for computer workstations, whether desk, wall-mounted, or mobile units.

- They need the computer(s) at point of care.

- The work of the Unit Secretary must be better understood in an EMR world. There is a need to address the work spaces needed for ancillary care givers ie. Social Services.

- Nurse Stations will need less storage and counters for writing reports. These areas can now be a calmer area such as a library, kitchen, or lounge setting. Computers can mount under the desk or tables or attached to the nurse belt.

Electronic charts could best be placed in the patient room in a locked cabinet on the head wall.