Here are four things to keep in mind when evaluating your facility management practices:

1- Bundled Outsourcing

Relying on one exceptional company to oversee your facility’s mechanical, electrical and general maintenance may save you money. You may be able to negotiate a specially priced package that includes all of the services you want. If you’ve got multiple campuses to think about, some facility management companies will offer ala carte packages to fit your needs. By having one full-service company maintain your facility, there is a single source of responsibility; eliminating coordination needs and multiple contracts to administer. Investigate options and consider price, 24-hour responsiveness, services offered and experience working in health care facilities.

2- Maximizing Space

As I mentioned in my blog Maximizing the Space You Have, conducting an audit of your existing space is an excellent way to find areas that can be used in smarter and more efficient ways. Consider alternative work options – like telecommuting – as a way to free up overused space. An audit may also determine that you’ve got excessive amounts of underutilized real estate. This space may be ideal for creating new patient or waiting rooms, or it could be a space that could be sublet to another practice group.

3- Atmosphere

Today’s healthcare facilities are moving away from the sterile, cold environment and embracing a warmer, homier atmosphere. Common beliefs are that interiors need to remind patients of home, which leads to greater relaxation and may ultimately reduce in-hospital recovery time. According to the American Hospital Association, women are playing a leading role in selecting healthcare facilities for themselves and their families, so we’re seeing hospitals and care centers being designed to fit women’s preferences. Take a tour of your facilities with a fresh eye to see if they are conveying an aesthetic that reflects your organization as well as your patients. Better yet, have an outsider tour your facility with a fresh eye. Many times we do not see the obvious where we live/work and spend time.

4- Hospital Personnel

Ensure that facility personnel have input in facility practices. Conducting an annual audit of the facility with staff input can lead to smoother day-to-day operations and a team that feels valued and also more committed to the organization’s ongoing success.