In response to Kirk Hamilton’s column in the most recent issue of the HERD Journal, is evidence-based design a "field"?

20.00% - Yes, because of the ability to study and research it

7.50% - Yes, it is a "subspecialization" of healthcare design

15.00% - No, it is a redundant description of the larger field

57.50% - No, it is simply a process


- EBD is a process that utilizes research conclusions. It is a process utilized by many professions and even plays a role in the evolution and adaptation of living organisms.

- It is a process which any good healthcare planner and designer would already have used.

- Having recently led a large hospital-replacement project that openly empbraced ''EBD principles'', I was amazed how frequently there were design contradictions that were based on EBD. After completing this 5-year project, I've concluded that one must consider EBD proposals like anything else during the design/programming process, with an appropriate balance of openness and skepticism.

- I read and hear more EBD from people and articles that don't use that phrase then the people and articles that do use the phrase EBD