‘Green’ flooring

Manufactured with an average of 50% recycled vinyl and wood powder, Lonseal's environmentally friendly LonEco line features soft, wood-speckle beauty, with innovative color options. LonEco emits 10 times fewer VOCs as linoleum and half as many as rubber surfaces, without sacrificing any of Lonseal's standards for durability and utility. Its fresh, clean, smooth finish helps create a more comfortable environment, while its slip-fighting composition and micro-embossing make interiors safer.

LonEco's longevity, simple maintenance, and low life-cycle cost help to reduce its effect on the environment in terms of energy consumption, indoor air quality, acidification, and global warming, helping building specifications to comply with the LEED Green Building Rating System.

Featuring a sturdy, resilient-sheet construction that facilitates sterile-seam floors or vertical surfaces, LonEco is well suited for healthcare applications.

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Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring

MEDINPOINT™ from Armstrong offers the exceptional durability, performance, maintenance, and value of homogeneous vinyl sheet in 15 natural colors to meet current and future design needs in healthcare. Its small-point visual in warm and cool neutrals and accents conveys a soft, textural design with a sophisticated, monolithic appearance.

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Marble composite tile

Azrock by Tarkett® has introduced Plaza Marble™, a premium homogeneous marble composite tile, to its Azrock Better Flooring Solutions line. This line provides the stylish, upscale look of marble without the prohibitive price.

Easy to install, Plaza Marble is available in five colors, including Copper Vein, Granite Gray, Java Brown, Quarry Gray, and Crimson Lode. It is offered in traditional 12" × 12" tiles, as well as 12" × 24", 1/8" gauge paver tiles, allowing for more intricate designs while offering a more modular look. It replicates the look of natural marble because no two tiles are exactly alike, and they are not grouped in manufactured dye lots. This results in shading that reflects the color variations and veining of natural marble.

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Vinyl flooring line

Forbo Linoleum, Inc., is expanding its product offering to include its versatile Project Vinyl collection for a broad range of projects. Developed to complement Forbo's Marmoleum flooring, Project Vinyl is available in three designs: Eternal Wood, Eternal Form Sparkle, and Eternal Form Starchip.

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Elegant vinyl tile

Associated/ACC International offers LG/Neovia in stylish designs of marble, granite, and sandstone. “Ultra-square” 18" × 18" inlaid vinyl tile presents a sleek, seamless appearance. Neovia naturally resists bacteria growth. It is extremely durable; the fiberglass interlayer provides superior dimensional stability. With its urethane finish, Neovia is truly a no-wax floor.

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Safety flooring

Johnsonite's Safety Stride Vinyl Tile Flooring System has a patented, three-dimensional “pyramid and duct” raised profile design that allows water, snow, grease, cooking oils, and other slippery liquids to remain below foot level and be directed away from spills for increased slip resistance. The pyramids create a reverse cleating effect, improving traction under both wet and dry conditions.

Safety Stride's durable vinyl composition gives it a longer life cycle than regular sheet-vinyl products. At 0.171" gauge with a 0.08" raised profile, Safety Stride is suited for heavy-traffic applications where hygiene or indoor moisture are factors. Specially made transitions and a sanitary wall base complete the Safety Stride system.

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Flooring system

Freudenberg Building Systems, Inc., manufacturers of nora® Rubber Flooring, offers noraplan® mega, a complete flooring system that meets a wide variety of requirements in healthcare facilities.

The noraplan system offers a color and design range in commercial rubber flooring that is compatible with today's architectural trends. It is manufactured in continuously vulcanized rolls and in tiles. The system is completed with matching cove base, matching seaming material, and sanitary base.

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Versatile vinyl flooring

TOLI Mature is a sheet vinyl that may be either heat-welded or chemically welded to preserve a sanitary environment. The Mature line of durable, seamless sheet-vinyl flooring provides stain, tear, and indentation resistance to meet the demands of the toughest interior spaces.

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Rubber tile

Allstate Rubber announces the latest release in its line of vulcanized rubber tile. Brasilia™ tile is manufactured of 100% vulcanized, nonshrinking rubber in 100+ colors in a 2' × 2' tile. Its low profile helps to keep maintenance costs low. Brasilia rubber is antibacterial, as well as environmentally friendly.

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Quartz vinyl tile

Knight Industries offers designer colors, 2,000-psi-powered performance, and low life-cycle costs in Rikett® quartz. It is priced between luxury vinyl and vinyl composite tile. The 70% quartz content provides a unique combination of flexibility, durability, and low-cost maintenance.

Rikett quartz is made of quartz crystals and a proprietary blend of binders and natural pigments. The strength of quartz produces a tile that is flexible; highly resistant to cracking, indentation, and scratching; and stands up to heavy wheeled traffic. The product's 15-year warranty guarantees no wear-through.

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Contract rubber flooring

Mondo contract rubber flooring offers durability, underfoot comfort, sound absorption, slip resistance, low maintenance, resistance to many chemicals, a choice of attractive patterns and colors, and compliance with California Indoor Air Quality requirements section 01350.

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Seamless flooring system

Key Resin Company introduces Key Epoxy Terrazzo, a resinous flooring system that combines the decorative appearance of marble with durability, chemical resistance, and ease of maintenance. It offers low life-cycle cost and is well suited for high-traffic zones.

Key Epoxy Terrazzo is mixed with a wide selection of decorative aggregates and trowel-applied to a 1/4" or 3/8" normal thickness. It does not support bacterial growth and is also available in conductive and novolac formulations. Crack-free installations can be achieved when done in conjunction with a Key Waterproofing or Crack Isolation membrane. The flooring system exhibits excellent resistance to pin-holing and drain-out.

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Step systems

Sure-Foot Industries Corp. offers Bold Step, a colorful, durable solution for stair treads, stair nosings, and safety walkway treads. Bold Step systems are suitable for new construction or to repair and replace stairways and walkway surfaces. Engineered with a rugged, long-lasting aluminum platform, their surfaces use an epoxy-based filler that can accommodate designers’ needs for vibrant colors.

Eight standard colors are available, or designers can specify colors for custom designs. Factory design experts may be able to arrange for specific multicolor patterns. The colors in the Bold Step epoxy-based filler surface resist the effects of heavy foot traffic and severe weather, including fading from strong UV rays. The antislip surface holds up in heavy-traffic areas and resists damage after repeated exposure to chemicals and solvents. Bold Step systems’ surfaces are nonporous, making them faster and easier to clean than cement.

Bold Step stair treads, stair nosing, and safety walkway treads can be used both outdoors and indoors and are anchored easily and securely into cement or wood. Systems are available in lengths up to 10', and widths from ¾" to 11".

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Easy-maintenance flooring

An independent test has shown that Altro High Performance safety flooring is the leader in cleanability among safety flooring products. Altro Original Easyclean Technology makes Altro slip-resistant sheet-vinyl flooring easier to clean, resulting in lower life-cycle costs and less environmental impact.

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Textured-surface flooring

Estrie has introduced Mirra, a flooring collection designed for modern healthcare facilities. Gathered from nature's palette, the Mirra collection's extensive compilation of textures, patterns, and colors delivers natural, yet durable, beauty.

Mirra flooring's textured surfaces make it suitable for heavy-traffic use in healthcare facilities. The collection's 3-mm total thickness has a 0.7-mm top wear layer, providing longevity and easy maintenance. It carries a 20-year warranty. Its decorative insets and keystones, combined with its distinctive patterns and layouts, offer abundant design opportunities.

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