The existing 23,600-square-foot surgical suite at Frisbie Memorial Hospital reflected the trends of 20 years ago, when approximately 80% of the surgical cases were performed on an inpatient basis. Today, those statistics are quite different. Now 80% of the surgical cases are performed on an outpatient basis, with an average length of stay of about 3 hours.

PROJECT CATEGORY New Construction and Remodel/Renovation (completed December 2000)

CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR Alvin Felgar, CEO, (603) 332-5211

FIRM Lavallee/Brensinger Architects, (603) 622-5450

DESIGN TEAM Barry Brensinger, CEO; Joe Britton, Project Manager; Scott Coruth, Designer; Kim Harkins, Interior Designer

PHOTOGRAPHY © 2002 joseph St. Pierre (except “before” photo)

BED CAPACITY 22 Holding/Recovery



TOTAL COST $1,830,000

Frisbie Memorial Hospital retained Lavallee/Brensinger Healthcare Design Group to design a new Day Surgery unit that meets today's standard of care. The design of the new unit required the renovation of 12,600 square feet and 6,500 square feet of new construction. Both the renovations and additions provide a comfortable and reassuring environment for patients and families, addressing the specific needs of both, while providing an efficient working environment for staff.

A new entrance to Day Surgery was created, giving the department its own identity and easier access. Prior access to Day Surgery required that patients use the main hospital entrance and take an elevator to the lower level, passing by mechanical rooms, giving the impression of entering Day Surgery through a basement back door.

For patient convenience, preoperative services are now combined with surgical services in one location. A variety of waiting spaces were designed to address the diverse needs of families, making their time spent in the unit as comfortable as possible.

The traffic flow of staff, inpatients, day surgery patients and waiting family members was designed to limit cross-traffic, providing greater efficiencies for staff and less stress for patients and families. The patients are provided with private rooms for both preop holding and recovery, which reduces the time spent traveling and provides a private setting for them and their families


The centrally located nurses' station services both PACU and holding/recovery. It was designed to be approachable by family members who have questions or concerns, as well as efficiently functional for staff. Attention to detail regarding sight lines, location of nourishment stations, proximity of patient toilets, visibility of staff and sound control all contribute to staff efficiency and patient comfort.

Supportive Services also were included in the renovation. With the creation of a new patient entrance came the opportunity to provide staff with a separate entrance. The staff side of the unit includes a new Central Sterile Recovery, office space, locker rooms, staff lounge, lab and darkroom. Each of these areas is easily accessible without crossing patient and family traffic.