PROJECT CATEGORY New Construction (completed November 2000)

CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR Ken Navarro, CEO, Healthtrax, Inc., (860) 633-5572

FIRM O'Connor Gordon Architectural Group, LLP, (609) 448-3888

DESIGN TEAM David Sessions, Design/Builder (CASLE Corporation); Mary Wilcynski, Fitness Interior Design (SPEC's Design Group, Inc.); Sheri Rowley, Kids/Atrium Interior Design (Advent Design/Harrison Jenkins Design); Jeff Gebrian, ASLA, Landscape Architect (CR3, LLP); Richard Szewczak, PE, Structural Engineer (Szewczak Associates Consulting Engineers)



TOTAL BUILDING AREA (SQ. FT.) 30,000 Fitness; 40,000 Medical Office


TOTAL COST (EXCLUDING LAND) $6,800,000 (Fitness/Common/Shell)

Hartford Hospital Avon Wellness Center's mission is to promote, restore and maintain the health of all in the community. This building combines Medical Offices (curative healthcare) and Fitness/Wellness facilities (preventive healthcare). This “Community Wellness Center” becomes a one-stop resource for total health with a primary community space, or Atrium, designed to unify both the building users and their associated curative or preventive healthcare needs. Within the Atrium, all the healthcare options are brought to visitors' attention as they enter the building


The preventive healthcare facilities include classrooms, fitness center, exercise class studios, aquatics facility (including therapy and lap pools and whirlpools), gymnasium, children's activity center and locker rooms—all centered around the Atrium. On the second floor, the curative healthcare, or Medical Office Suites, continue to ring the perimeter of the Atrium, further enhancing the scope of healthcare options.

The Center's exterior was designed to complement the adjacent Riverdale Farms, a traditional New England shopping village. The large mass of the building is broken down with a combination (and layering) of masonry and vertical siding, in the adjacent regional vernacular.

This Wellness Center is a cooperative venture between Hartford Hospital and Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness Centers, and was developed by the Silvio Brighenti Family. Healthtrax, Inc., operates the fitness component, and Hartford Hospital operates the community education program. The physicians within the building are affiliated with Hartford Hospital and operate as independent practices.