This project enabled the hospital to establish a fresh image, conveying its priorities, culture and objectives, while communicating a dedication to high-tech diagnostics and clinical services in Central Sterile, OR, Radiology and ED (CORE). The enhancement of patient and public spaces combines architectural features of the existing structure with modern building technologies.

The emergency department design includes private rooms that “flex” among trauma, observation and exam/treatment rooms. Psychiatry and rapid assessment were pulled out of the mainstream of activity.

Computed tomography and ultrasound imaging services are located within the new addition adjacent to existing radiology support. In anticipation of future imaging requirements, a two-story, interstitial shell space was designed


PROJECT CATEGORY Remodel/Renovation (with addition) (completed 2001)

CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR J. Bryan Simmons, Vice-President, Planning & Facilities, (860) 545-2537

FIRM The S/L/A/M Collaborative, (860) 657-8077

DESIGN TEAM William H. Karanian, AIA, Principal-in-Charge; Joan L. Saba, AIA, Project Manager; Richard P. Herzer, Jr., AIA, Design Architect (The S/L/A/M Collaborative); Rex Carpenter, Associate Architect (HKS, Inc.); Robert Rutkowski, Associate Project Manager MEP (van Zelm Heywood & Shadford)

PHOTOGRAPHY ©Woodruff/Brown Photography


TOTAL BUILDING AREA (SQ. FT.) 82,000 (new), 49,000 (renovation)


TOTAL COST $72,000,000

To unbundle OR case scheduling, the project creates a 10-room universal operating suite, stacked above Central Sterile, with dedicated elevators and dumbwaiters. The renovation includes redesigned Pre-Op, PACU and Clinical Support spaces, providing optimal flow and easy construction phasing


The new construction required the demolition of the chapel, which was relocated within the envelope of the larger project. A stone-faced wall with deeply inset stained glass uses both natural and artificial light for a dramatic effect. The design creates a spiritual feeling and mood in a location that is highly accessible, yet private