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Caring for Caregivers (parts one and two)

A recent survey found that 41% of nurses would not want a loved one who is ill to receive treatment in the facility where they work. This sobering statistic is only one of many red flags being raised by caregivers in the United States. Fifty-four percent of nurses surveyed say they wouldn't recommend nursing as a profession. Another 54% say they are suffering from burnout. In a separate study, more than a third of new RNs surveyed had already left their first jobs due to stressful work conditions, and over a quarter of the same sample reported that lack of supplies and equipment make it difficult or impossible to do their jobs. However, designing efficient and sustainable healing environments can improve the caregiver experience and influence the quality of care delivery.

2009 Most Influential People in Healthcare Design Voting

Voting is officially open for the 2009 Most Influential People in Healthcare Design. Go to to cast your ballot. Voting will be open until Friday, August 21. The final list, along with profiles of the top finishers, will appear in the December 2009 issue of HEALTHCARE DESIGN.

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