Human performance expert Andy Core, MS, is looking to shake things up.

With the promise of delivering in his closing keynote speech—to be presented on Wednesday, November 16 at the HEALTHCARE DESIGN.11 conference in Nashville in Delta Ballroom A—a “healthy shot of adrenaline,” Core plans to send HEALTHCARE DESIGN.11 attendees home with the tools to apply the lessons learned here at the conference to the real world of work waiting for them at home. An energetic, healthy-lifestyle realist specializing in the skills humans need to thrive in today’s hectic society, Core provided a sneak preview into what attendees can expect from his presentation, as well as his thoughts on the healthcare industry in general.


Can you provide a brief overview of the message you want to present to the healthcare design community in your closing keynote?

After four days of intense learning and relationship building, I plan to give the attendees a healthy shot of adrenaline. To provide some evidence-based insights into why we do what we do. I plan to give some cross-pollination of ideas from the intersection of personal behavior change and healthcare design. And finally, I will share ideas on how they can keep from landing home and "parking" their new ideas, and move them into action in a sustainable way.

The bottom line is that they will leave the session with evidence-based ideas on how to bring a more persuasive, energized, and less stressed version of themselves to their work and personal lives.

What's your sense of where the healthcare design industry—and healthcare in general—is at present?

Obviously, it's a good time to be in healthcare design. This is evident not only by the growth of the industry, but also the growth of this conference and The Center for Health Design membership, in general. There are very exciting times to come.

Speaking of exciting times to come, what are my thoughts on the future of healthcare? The future is prevention. It's no secret that sick care is a sinking ship. The future is in healthcare policy and design that encourages healthcare providers, insurers, and ultimately, patients to prevent preventable illness.

Moving forward in a shaky time for healthcarein the wake of the unknown future of healthcare reform and Obamacarewhat do you see as essentials for the healthcare design industry to adapt and thrive moving forward?

A better healthcare future all comes down to people, individuals making smarter choices. This is where the members of The Center for Health Design come in. By providing people with better healthcare access and more efficient and engaging healthcare experiences, they can encourage smarter, healthier, more fiscally responsible choices. This, in turn, will fuel a more sustainable healthcare design future.

How does this happen? I believe in the hard working members of the healthcare design community. I believe in their ability to improve themselves and bring an even more exceptional version on themselves to their design challenges and opportunities.