Project category: New construction (completed May 2001)

Chief administrator: Rich Reif, President & CEO, (215) 345-2242

Firm: Marshall Erdman & Associates, (608) 218-6411

Design team: David A. Desilets, Project Director; Douglas K. Roberts, Project Architect; Alana McKenzie, Interior Designer (Marshall Erdman & Associates); Chuck Izzo, Partner (D'AIQ Architects)

Photography: Mike Rebholz

Total building area (GSF): 127,500

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $138

Total cost (excluding land): $20,754,000

The Health & Wellness Center by Doylestown Hospital is dedicated to the health and wellness of those requiring treatment and those wanting to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. From pediatrics to cardiology, the center offers a comprehensive selection of outpatient services. State-of-the-art diagnostic services, including mammography, MRI and CT, and a lab, ambulatory surgery, and pharmacy ensure that patients receive all of their care in one location. Patients no longer need to schedule lab work and diagnostics separately, sometimes over the span of weeks, while they wait and wonder about the results. They can complete all testing on the same day (and fit in a massage, too).

The institutional features characteristic of most hospital environments are absent here. All visitors enter through the atrium, where lush greenery, resonant colors, and a stunning waterfall create a healing environment. Elements of feng shui—water, wood, fire, earth, and metal—are integrated throughout the facility, from public waiting areas to the cozy fireplace in the Health Design Center. Abundant windows throughout welcome sunlight deep into the facility. Outside, healing gardens and a labyrinth beckon patients and visitors to take a relaxing stroll.

Patients checking in receive a pager to alert them when the doctor is ready. While they wait, they can walk through the gardens, savor a bite at the healthy café, or steal a moment of rejuvenation at the day spa. Patients might visit the Health Design Center, where nurses will help them create their own individualized health plans, including enrollment in the on-site fitness center. They can even relax in one of the waiting areas, all of which are located on exterior walls to maximize exposure to natural light and provide a view of the landscaped grounds.

The Health & Wellness Center has not only set a new standard in patient care and exceeded Doylestown Hospital's financial goals, but it has also been adopted by the community as a gathering place for weddings, parties, and public events.