The third annual Product Pavilion People’s Choice Awards invited attendees of the 2012 Healthcare Design Conference to vote for the products they thought featured the most innovative design—ranging from flooring to patient room marker boards.

The Product Pavilion area, set up in the conference’s exhibit hall, displayed nine products that were new to the industry within the last 24 months. Votes were submitted throughout the course of event, held Nov. 3-6, 2012, in Phoenix.

Healthcare Design congratulates the winner and two runners-up, and thanks all of the companies that took part.

Participating companies

CCI Group 
CS415 Computer Station 

Communicare Products
Glass Patient Room Marker Boards 

Integra Seating
Low Tide with the Island Seat 

National Office Furniture
Confide Patient Chair 

Quick Drain
ProLine Linear Shower Drain 

Shaw Commercial Hard Surfaces

Shield Casework
Shield Casework 

TMM6 Power Drive Stretcher-Chair 


First Place Winner
Quick Drain USA’s ProLine Linear Shower Drain

The stainless steel ProLine Linear Shower Drain offers a sheet waterproofing flange for curbless and ADA-accessible showers. It features a low-profile, 1.5-inch-wide slim design. It’s built with a fully sloped trough that allows for easy draining and eliminates the need for barriers and thresholds, creating an accessible shower with a universal design.

Waterproofing and pre-sloped panels, called QuickSlope, are a part of the system for ease, speed, and consistency of installation. The ProLine shower drain provides the option of installing a true “zero-entry” shower pan without recessing the shower pan into the subfloor.

1st Runner-up
Vistamatic’s VistaSlide

The VistaSlide from Vistamatic is a secure, glazed observation screen that provides views into patient rooms or allows staff to monitor corridors and nurses’ stations. The panel operates in a lateral fashion, with the linear design moving vertically from side to side within the confines of the sealed unit. It’s appropriate for use in doors or in a wall or partition, when installed in its larger format.

The VistaSlide consists of three sheets of glass and is available in a variety of sizes. Additionally, the VistaSlide with Artwork includes images, such as a school of fish, country scene, or waterfall.


2nd Runner-up
TransMotion Medical’s TMM6

The TMM6 is TransMotion Medical’s new power-drive stretcher-chair that allows staff to “drive” patients through a facility. The TMM6 offers motorized positioning so patients can easily be moved from upright to supine or for the height of the stretcher-chair to be adjusted. The TMM6 can decrease the risk of staff injury by reducing transfers and eliminating manual positioning and the push/pull force associated with patient handling.

The TMM6 can also reduce the amount of equipment needed by staff, because it functions as a chair, transport stretcher, procedure table, and recovery recliner. The stretcher-chair can be used in multiple departments and features a radiolucent back for radiologic procedures. It can turn quickly, maneuver tight spaces, and handle ramps, carpets, and bumpy thresholds.