Brian Boettger
Form follows function at Hematology & Oncology Associates, where it is clear that the needs of patients and staff were given the utmost consideration in the planning and designing of the new facility. Innovative design allowed for better flow of patients and staff, easing the tension caused by lack of space in the former building.

The new facility is designed specifically so that patients never have to backtrack. They enter a spacious waiting area, where they are immediately registered and sent to the appropriate department. The assessment area is designed to triage patients quickly into the treatment area. The latter is in an open configuration, but privacy is provided in that each patient has a space with a television and with curtains he can draw or open at will. Windows abound, with views of a green landscape, and the open ceiling features a mural of a beautiful blue sky with soft, billowy white clouds.

It is important for staff to be accessible to patients at all times. Placing interactive departments adjacent to one another saves valuable time and increases patients' quality of care. For example, drawing stations are located next to the lab, and a secluded area for phone triage is next to the clinical exam area. The phone area has acoustic privacy and a sliding window that allows nurses easy access to the doctors working nearby
C. Consagra

C. Consagra

Physicians relinquished the space reserved for their offices in favor of workstations, so that the extra space could be devoted to patients. This allowed for a family conference area and two conference rooms where difficult treatment decisions can be properly addressed. Other patient amenities include a small kitchenette, a coffee station and vending machines. Overall, patients and staff are very happy with the cheerful, comfortable and convenient facility, which is fully equipped to handle cancer patients and those who care for them.

PROJECT CATEGORY New Construction (completed September 2001)

CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR Alice Hopkins, Office Manager, (570) 342-3675, ext. 215

FIRM Highland Associates, Ltd., (570) 586-4334

DESIGN TEAM Charles J. Consagra, AIA, Partner-in-Charge; Denise S. Luikart, Senior Associate, Interior Design

PHOTOGRAPHY Brian Boettger; C. Consagra




TOTAL COST $2,351,000