VIP patient room at Abbott Northwestern Heart Hospital, Minneapolis, Minn. Photo by Ed LaCasse
Established: 1939

Staff: 1,025

Locations: Dallas; Atlanta; Detroit; Fort Worth, Tex.; Los Angeles; Mexico City; Orlando; Phoenix; Richmond, Va.; Salt Lake City

Healthcare Markets: Acute Care, Behavioral/Mental Health, Education/Research

Services: Architecture, Engineering, Green/Sustainable Design, Interior Design, Programming, Space Planning

Three Projects of Note:

Clarian North Medical Center [Carmel, IN] 2005

Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center [Seattle, WA] 2006

Abbott Northwestern Heart Hospital [Minneapolis, MN] 2005

Contact Information:

Joseph G. Sprague

1919 McKinney Ave.

Dallas, TX 75201

Ph. (214) 969-5599 Fax: (214) 969-3397


HKS, Inc., celebrates its 67th year in the design industry, providing planning, architectural, and engineering services to a national and international clientele. Our business is to provide clients with ideas and services that increase in value by virtue of experience. HKS has been recognized worldwide for its experience in the healthcare arena. For the past 14 years, Modern Healthcare has consistently ranked HKS number one in volume of healthcare architecture. HKS has successfully designed more than 925 healthcare projects, representing 62,500 beds and 98 million square feet. The firm was ranked the second largest healthcare architect internationally by World Architecture.

What do you think is a pressing issue/controversy today with healthcare design?

One pressing issue in healthcare design is the effect of the built environment on patient safety and medical outcomes. Medication errors occur in a high percentage of inpatient stays. Architects and providers are applying creative solutions to improve safety and outcomes through same-handed and standardized room design. Accurate measurement of these design solutions and analysis of cost/benefit ratios is critical to future applications.